Sunday, January 8, 2012

a desk for me

I love projects. Fixing things up, creating new things, whatever it is, I just love to have a project. I had been wanting a desk for about a year now and of course I only wanted one that could also be a project. Well my husband made my dreams come true(like always he would add). For Christmas he got me a desk that did not fit our style at all, but was big, sturdy and made the perfect project. Here is how this Christmas present project came together.

Here is the desk when we got it home from the antique store.

Ugly hardware, a stain that doesn't match my house, and as you can see below some water damage and scratch marks.

For the desk I went with my usual snowflake white but paired it with a yummy light green to give it a little vintage vibe and match the fabrics I have picked out for the space. I also got 2 of my favorite knobs for the drawers.

 You can see that the puddy, sanding and painting cleaned the top right up. The workspace is now smooth and pretty white. 

Loving the two tone and how great it fits in front of that big window in my soon to be sewing space. I found the sign on top the desk while cleaning out boxes. Almost the exact same green! and the saying couldn't be more perfect for this space. "I'm not messy, I'm creative"

So here to another fix-up-pretty project and is sure to last in our home!