Thursday, January 27, 2011

first comes love... than comes a baby....

Baby's are very popular and they never go out of style. For generations people have loved them, wanted them and showed them off. I cant say the same about baby names though, they change with the trends and catch on for a few years and than disappear. Lately while working in many gyms at basketball games from kindergartner to middle school aged i have noticed some names that i ask you never name your child. Here is the list and why.

River - Know i know forest has been popular and around for along time, and maybe that is this boys brothers name, actually i am going to assume it is. But nevertheless River does not make a good name. Especially when the high school in your home town is called White River, and well...u might have conceived the child down by the river....Lets just say that River as a name needs to float down the river.

CaidenAidenBraidenJaiden - Why did i combine these you ask? Because they are all the same! Sound the same, all to popular! Don't believe me? you yell Aiden in a gym full of kids and see how many look over at you. I can guarantee in Puyallup at least half of the boys would and maybe a few girls too who are named Jaiden. Because these names all sounds the same, there are not enough different sounds between them. Mind you, all the parents thought they were being unique, but really. Nope! all the same! TRENDY NAME!

Maddy, Madi, Madee, Mady, Maddie, Madie - For the sake of this one i am going to use the spelling Maddy in my deception. These are all different ways to spell Maddy in our computers here at work. Again a case of parents thinking they are creative with the name, but really just making it harder for teachers. Anyway I have two issues with this name. The first is obvious. I hate how many ways parents try to spell it. Most use it as the "nickname" for Madison, a few for Madalyn but by "nickname" they really mean the use all the time expect on the birth certificate name. Last year in preschool we have 4 Maddy's all with different spellings, totally ridiculous. I am not saying one is right and one is wrong. I just wish parents would pow wow and decide so the world (and the kids) weren't confused and always asking which version is your child. Second thing i cant stand about the name Maddy is simple..the first part is MAD why would you name your kid Mad? is your sun gonna be ANGERson?. Madison and Angerson, brother and sister filled with joy...i think not!

(Sorry went a little long on that. I hate the name Maddy)

Nevaeh -yes Heaven backwards. Na-Va-Ah i hear it way more than I should. really? heaven backwards? I think heaven is cool and all but my husband likes the red sox. Do you see all red sox fans naming there kids xos der, red sox backwards! anyway i just think the name is dumb and to fluffy sounding. please don't use it...

Rian - to me this looks like Rain, but it is pronounced RYAN...Parents who do this weird "creative" spelling thing with normal American names piss me off! There is no reason for it, except to confuse dyslexic people like myself. Please don't do something like this.

Jacob or Jake - they are all hellions and ALL get nicknamed the snake. Jake the SNAKE! Just not good. I sware Jake means "I will be a rowdy trouble maker in my summer camp"

Ahhh i could probably go on for a while and convince you of never naming your child many more names, but i wont..that is my list for now! Happy name hunting! 3 years

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2 Pics i love

i was cleaning out my HUGE folder of ugly wedding pics, and random stuff i have found when i can across these two cuties. I have had them for a while..and just wanted to share. The doors in this second one steel the show!!!!

I also found just one pic i dont love....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

odd wedding photo of the week

So its my Monday and of course I have a sugar craving! but apparently this bride has a HUGE sweet tooth as well. GREEN jelly beans, HOT PINK peeps, and than yellow daisys. I have to admit I like the creativity. Just a little thrown off by how the bunnies look like they are trapped in a glass box! I picture this bride being a little bigger of a girl. Hope thats not mean, its honest. I think its just the using sugar as a centerpiece thing. I wonder if they used the chics in other ones....hummm i also wonder how many little boys reached in and got a snack? well little boys and drunks!

Friday, January 21, 2011

This is...


2. You marry a member of the insane clown posse, which would be insane so please don't.

3. You get a free cake and the cake designer just uses all the crap from the bad birthday theme no one picked.

on a side note....i wonder what flavor it is. maybe grape? or blood velvet? no way that its funfetti!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Your Own Plates

Being royal has its benefits! As we all know, but did u also know that for your wedding you get your own commemorative china? As crazy as it seems copies of it are selling like hotcakes on a cold Alaska day.. Take a look:

Yes it is UGLY, BORING and OH SO BRITISH! It looks like they sell it on QVC to me, but nevertheless they actually sell it on the Royal family website. Whatever i think its tacky. but the idea of having your own china intrigues me. This Plate below was designed by Laura Bush and is a piece of there White House China from there presidency. I think its classy but still fun and magnolias apparently are one of Laura's favorite flowers. Way less traditional looking that the dang British wedding plates.
so you are probably wondering why i am talking about plates...well i have decided i am going to design one for you! well, me and the lovely people at here are your choices below:

Choice 1: Personalized love birds on a enchanting tree- Captivating the earthly spirit of your wedding day. This matches perfectly with what you have shared with me so far!

Choice 2: Personalized Figurines- Let your wedding style be ever captivated in this hand painted picture of you and Alex! (Note: only the names will be changed, cause that's as close to looking like u as this "artist" will get)

Choice 3: Organic Handmade Wooden- This soft apple wood plate guarantees a woodsy feeling will be brought to your tables and no two plates will be exactly the same. Each hand made and shatter proof! Choice 4: Belongs at Bills- This plate need no introduction. The only thing missing from it to be fulfilling its title is the girls boobs showing. It would be a great conversation starter at the dinner tables and a great way to show off your sense of humor.

Please let me know which you would like to choose and i will have them commissioned immediately. And if you can't decide...I will pick! or maybe just design a pill box for you. the royals have a pill box you can buy to commemorate there wedding. Every time someone takes there drugs they will remember your special day.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Odd Wedding Photo of the Week

Lobster Claws on sticks...brides rooting on their grooms as they dig in sand. I dont even know where to go with this. I just want to say WHAT THE HELL!!! Problem is i am shocked when they dont answer back in subtitiles.....i really hope there is a dream wedding ring in that sand for all of them!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Odd Wedding Photo of the Week

If I was Minnie or Micky I would be covering my eyes too...because this is disgusting! Not only is it gross that they have Minnie and Micky cake topper, but Minnie and Micky are also there wedding party! Usually people don't put there bridesmaids and groomsman on the top their cake, this must be an exception to that rule. This picture should never happen...unless u met your "Micky" while dressed as "Minnie" than its not just goes to weird or in this case odd.

My question about this whole situation is where did Minnie get that yellow dress? She is ALWAYS in red! Hummm.... maybe the couple had it custom made for her.

Monday, January 3, 2011

if the world was like weddings....

if the world was like weddings....

.......women would only go out with an odd number of friends making them the 5th for example so they could always be centered in the picture. would have hair consultations for your next job interview

.......sparkle would be expected..daily

.......some people pick out there new car after a week of driving it around, others would drive it for 10 years before committing

......veils would be worn daily at varying lengths...long ones to church! short ones to the bar! would have a collection of "something blues" because its bad luck to leave the house with out it! would always smash your dessert in your significant others face.

....most girls would have a collection of eggshell, off white, white-white, and ivory hanging in their closet

....the u.s. mint would make a 6 pence for your shoe would be law that you couldn't wear heals if you were the same size or taller than your mate

....white after labor day would be expected

....fresh flowers would be carried by ladies shopping at the grocery stores.

....i would always be wearing a pair of barrowed family earrings would constantaly be wearing tuxes and feeling awkward in them parties would happen every night!

....drinks would always be free would be seen everywhere constantly!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

new years weddings....

So as if pledging your love to another person in public wasn't enough of a way to start a fresh new life with another individual who you love. Some people like to make seem even BIGGER and start the new year fresh with the marriage as well....I hope they are all ones for resolutions because marriage is a BIG one...

i like to think that these people pick this day because they know family already get it off work, unless they conduct the rose bowl parade, or sell ib profin to hungover parents. But really this day is a holiday and i dont understand why people pick holidays for there personal marriage holiday..dont they want another day to celebrate? another reason to get dressed up and go out to dinner? i know i did, hence late march! also i picked late march so i wouldnt sweat in my wedding dress...random idea but mix that with my love for candle light and u got my wedding date and time...

So today has to be a big day for weddings..not only because its the first day of the new year...but for one...its 1/1/11 (haha) and those dates of all single numbers are so so popular...there has to be at least 25 weddings today that are are the 1! right? to easy...ok maybe its more like a 1025 weddings today on our timezone with that theme...some might change it to "today i marry my ONE true love," or "two become ONE," or "first day of the year, first day with my love, and its my second wedding" ok maybe not that last line...but i bet wedding venues with the number 1 in the title or located on first street are booked up today...

who are these some people who pick the first day of a new year you ask..?...i have compiled a list for you of people who took the pledge to love another human unconditionally on new years day....

-Eddie Murphy

-Jennifer Connelly

-Alyssa Milano new years eve..1999 (tacky right?)

-Bill and Melinda Gates (they do well with resolutions)

-Sammy Davis Jr.


ahhh not sure how many are still married...i know bill and melinda are and pink is married to carey right now but i think they got a divorce and re marriage somewhere in there...crazy people and there crazy wedding dates...

anyway..happy one/one/eleven to you...hope you have a happy new year!

oh and happy 90th to my grandma! new years babys are so much cooler than new years weddings!