Thursday, January 27, 2011

first comes love... than comes a baby....

Baby's are very popular and they never go out of style. For generations people have loved them, wanted them and showed them off. I cant say the same about baby names though, they change with the trends and catch on for a few years and than disappear. Lately while working in many gyms at basketball games from kindergartner to middle school aged i have noticed some names that i ask you never name your child. Here is the list and why.

River - Know i know forest has been popular and around for along time, and maybe that is this boys brothers name, actually i am going to assume it is. But nevertheless River does not make a good name. Especially when the high school in your home town is called White River, and well...u might have conceived the child down by the river....Lets just say that River as a name needs to float down the river.

CaidenAidenBraidenJaiden - Why did i combine these you ask? Because they are all the same! Sound the same, all to popular! Don't believe me? you yell Aiden in a gym full of kids and see how many look over at you. I can guarantee in Puyallup at least half of the boys would and maybe a few girls too who are named Jaiden. Because these names all sounds the same, there are not enough different sounds between them. Mind you, all the parents thought they were being unique, but really. Nope! all the same! TRENDY NAME!

Maddy, Madi, Madee, Mady, Maddie, Madie - For the sake of this one i am going to use the spelling Maddy in my deception. These are all different ways to spell Maddy in our computers here at work. Again a case of parents thinking they are creative with the name, but really just making it harder for teachers. Anyway I have two issues with this name. The first is obvious. I hate how many ways parents try to spell it. Most use it as the "nickname" for Madison, a few for Madalyn but by "nickname" they really mean the use all the time expect on the birth certificate name. Last year in preschool we have 4 Maddy's all with different spellings, totally ridiculous. I am not saying one is right and one is wrong. I just wish parents would pow wow and decide so the world (and the kids) weren't confused and always asking which version is your child. Second thing i cant stand about the name Maddy is simple..the first part is MAD why would you name your kid Mad? is your sun gonna be ANGERson?. Madison and Angerson, brother and sister filled with joy...i think not!

(Sorry went a little long on that. I hate the name Maddy)

Nevaeh -yes Heaven backwards. Na-Va-Ah i hear it way more than I should. really? heaven backwards? I think heaven is cool and all but my husband likes the red sox. Do you see all red sox fans naming there kids xos der, red sox backwards! anyway i just think the name is dumb and to fluffy sounding. please don't use it...

Rian - to me this looks like Rain, but it is pronounced RYAN...Parents who do this weird "creative" spelling thing with normal American names piss me off! There is no reason for it, except to confuse dyslexic people like myself. Please don't do something like this.

Jacob or Jake - they are all hellions and ALL get nicknamed the snake. Jake the SNAKE! Just not good. I sware Jake means "I will be a rowdy trouble maker in my summer camp"

Ahhh i could probably go on for a while and convince you of never naming your child many more names, but i wont..that is my list for now! Happy name hunting! 3 years

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