Tuesday, January 25, 2011

odd wedding photo of the week

So its my Monday and of course I have a sugar craving! but apparently this bride has a HUGE sweet tooth as well. GREEN jelly beans, HOT PINK peeps, and than yellow daisys. I have to admit I like the creativity. Just a little thrown off by how the bunnies look like they are trapped in a glass box! I picture this bride being a little bigger of a girl. Hope thats not mean, its honest. I think its just the using sugar as a centerpiece thing. I wonder if they used the chics in other ones....hummm i also wonder how many little boys reached in and got a snack? well little boys and drunks!

1 comment:

  1. hahahhaha...I would totally reach in and get the jelly beans! I love jelly beans. This is a really weird centerpiece but for some reason I like the colors..hahah..maybe just the daisy's..not a huge fan of hot pink. :)