Thursday, January 20, 2011

Your Own Plates

Being royal has its benefits! As we all know, but did u also know that for your wedding you get your own commemorative china? As crazy as it seems copies of it are selling like hotcakes on a cold Alaska day.. Take a look:

Yes it is UGLY, BORING and OH SO BRITISH! It looks like they sell it on QVC to me, but nevertheless they actually sell it on the Royal family website. Whatever i think its tacky. but the idea of having your own china intrigues me. This Plate below was designed by Laura Bush and is a piece of there White House China from there presidency. I think its classy but still fun and magnolias apparently are one of Laura's favorite flowers. Way less traditional looking that the dang British wedding plates.
so you are probably wondering why i am talking about plates...well i have decided i am going to design one for you! well, me and the lovely people at here are your choices below:

Choice 1: Personalized love birds on a enchanting tree- Captivating the earthly spirit of your wedding day. This matches perfectly with what you have shared with me so far!

Choice 2: Personalized Figurines- Let your wedding style be ever captivated in this hand painted picture of you and Alex! (Note: only the names will be changed, cause that's as close to looking like u as this "artist" will get)

Choice 3: Organic Handmade Wooden- This soft apple wood plate guarantees a woodsy feeling will be brought to your tables and no two plates will be exactly the same. Each hand made and shatter proof! Choice 4: Belongs at Bills- This plate need no introduction. The only thing missing from it to be fulfilling its title is the girls boobs showing. It would be a great conversation starter at the dinner tables and a great way to show off your sense of humor.

Please let me know which you would like to choose and i will have them commissioned immediately. And if you can't decide...I will pick! or maybe just design a pill box for you. the royals have a pill box you can buy to commemorate there wedding. Every time someone takes there drugs they will remember your special day.

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  1. hahahahah you are so funny. This blog literally made me laugh out loud...especially when it got to the plate with the ladies with the antlers on it. hahahaha...Of course that is the plate that alex would pick, except he would rather have a woman with a bikini on and antlers on her the plate that is my favorite is the one with the birds! ultimate theme of my wedding day :D The couple one is very cute as well though! :) My mom made all three of us kids personalized plates when we were was our special plate and no one could use it. She crafted the whole thing. Mine had bear ballerinas on it and hearts..then my name "Trishanna" in the middle. Very cute. :)