Monday, January 3, 2011

if the world was like weddings....

if the world was like weddings....

.......women would only go out with an odd number of friends making them the 5th for example so they could always be centered in the picture. would have hair consultations for your next job interview

.......sparkle would be expected..daily

.......some people pick out there new car after a week of driving it around, others would drive it for 10 years before committing

......veils would be worn daily at varying lengths...long ones to church! short ones to the bar! would have a collection of "something blues" because its bad luck to leave the house with out it! would always smash your dessert in your significant others face.

....most girls would have a collection of eggshell, off white, white-white, and ivory hanging in their closet

....the u.s. mint would make a 6 pence for your shoe would be law that you couldn't wear heals if you were the same size or taller than your mate

....white after labor day would be expected

....fresh flowers would be carried by ladies shopping at the grocery stores.

....i would always be wearing a pair of barrowed family earrings would constantaly be wearing tuxes and feeling awkward in them parties would happen every night!

....drinks would always be free would be seen everywhere constantly!

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