Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Light Up!

Light up! The wedding day is your big day, and as the bride you should be glowing with excitement, a smile, and be the center of the room at all times. So here are some ideas to help you sparkle and glow with joy!

Your dress.... This one gives the firefly effect! As in look at the firefly's trapped in that dress!

This next one gives the techno look to help bring the party to life....!

and lets not leave out dear Alex. if the bride gets to light up, the groom should too!

Nothing like celebrating your wedding with some light up action! Just remember a light up dress is never dull or boring!!!

love u!


  1. hahah, now all I would need is light up heels...reminds me of Kathryn Zemek during recruitment ;)

  2. haha i didnt even think of her. to funny!!!