Wednesday, September 22, 2010

3 gifts i hope you dont get

i know wedding gifts are a long way off but i couldn't resist the temptation to write a short blog about 3 gifts i hope you don't get...
the first is a monkey cake topper...i think it speaks for itself on taste level but i like to picture your face if you actually had to open this and act like it was a good and appreciated gift..I couldn't do it. So so so tacky. I think it might have even been purchased at the dollar tree.
now this next item might just be the one item that you actually get. FUNDIES!!!! underwear for two people!!!! no sure why these were ever even invented. Like really!!! is there pants for two people? because there is not enough space in the FUNDIES to have sex. its almost like a weird trick. Its actually a disgusting trick. Most people dont even share blankets with their significant other, why would we (i am in that no blanket sharing category) ever share underwear??? so so so so weird!!!
Now the next gift would be from someone who is trying to reach your nature loving artsy side. There thoughts "Now trish likes nature, likes art, and is getting married...hummm what to get? OH i know..A PICTURE OF HER AND ALEX AS ADAM AND EVE!!" ok if one of your wedding guests really thinks this i might die laughing and have no advice for you on what to write in that thank you card!!! TO FUNNY! really where would you hang this? above your fireplace?

AHHHH happy Wednesday, start wishing that people follow your registry items and not my blog!!!! love u!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh...fundies!!!!????? So ridiculous. I couldn't imagine...what is the purpose of those????

    The adam and eve painting reminds me of Wedding Crashers...remember when the gay guy paints the picture for one of the crashers? funny.

    Also, the wedding topper..I actually secretly wish that someone would put that on their cake..haha..not me though!