Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Perfect Porch Chairs

My front porch is finally coming along. For as long as I can remember I have had a crush on these vintage style lawn chairs. All metal, shell backs, they kinda bounce when you sit in them. They make me feel like I should be at a family BBQ, eating a hot dog, or watching fireworks. Not really sure why, but that's the feeling they give me.

 Anyway, this crush started long before we built our home and I have always known that finding these beauties was going to cost me a pretty penny and there was a potential for them to just be old and rusty. I had spotted them for upwards of $100 each for new remade ones and for the old rusty type so imagine my surprise when I found these (likely reproductions) for just $40 each at the Funky Junk show! I bought them immediately within minutes of walking in to the show and I couldn't have been more excited about it. The pair don't match perfectly, one has flat arms, the other rounded and the seats are slightly different as well with one featuring wholes and the other just a little ditch for water to drain out.

I actually like the blue color the flat arm chair came in but the black I hated! Either way they both needed to be sanded stripped and repainted. I decided to go simple and just do white. However I strongly debated a two two with a dark red to match the front door.
This was my first time working with metal that needed to be sanded and painted with many coats. It was a little more work than I wished it was, but thanks to a perfect weather weekend I finished them in just two days. :) I spry primed and spray painted each chair with a high luster paint. The curved arms were a little tricky but in all I think they came out pretty nice.

When I bought them I wasn't sure what I would do about a little table in between and I am still not sure this is the answer, but it works for right now. Jason made this little wooden beauty in high school shop!
Here is a good side view of the chairs. I just adore the lines they have and did I mentioned that they bounce a little when u sit in them. :)
I had to break this out as a reminder of my little porch projects and progress...

This was taken in March....{Besides being bare look how tiny the plants are..}
and this was taken last weekend! So much more personality and it actually makes me excited to have visitors. (and the plants have gotten huge thanks to my husband and his fancy fertilizers}

Friday, July 6, 2012

4 Natalie & Scott

This is the quilt I made my little brother and his bride for there wedding over 2 months ago!
I used a free online tutorial I found on a blog. I loved the giant barn star from the first time I saw it and knew someone had to get this pattern.
I loved the blue and yellow mixes. Only 5 fabrics used on the top. Doing such large half square triangles was new for me. But it worked out well I think.

 For the back I did a strip of the fabrics  which added interest and kept me from having a seem down the quilt because it was wider than the fabric.
I love the yellow trim!
All wrapped up and ready to be opened!

Burger Tour Stop #1: Frisco Freeze

 Frisco Freeze the first stop on our burger tour of the 2012 summer! A Tacoma classic on Union Avenue located across the street from Mary Bridge Children's hospital. Frisco Freeze has been in business for over 65 years serving up these American classics to the people of the south sound.

First thing about Frisco that you need to know is there is no indoor seating so pick a sunny day to take your lunch to a park or plan on eating in your car. After-all this is a classic American drive in. No public restrooms but they do take debt though so that is a HUGE plus! However at 2.40 for a cheese burger you can probably pay with cash.

Ok Now on to the food. 

Burgers are ranked on appearance - does it look appetizing and fresh, the bun, quality, taste & type, the patty flavor and juiciness, the beef to bun ratio, and the yummy factor. The sixth rating is for whatever side item is ordered.  All items are ranked on a scale of 1 - 5 with 30 being the highest score a place can get.

What was ordered:
Erin: cheeseburger, onion rings and a small chocolate shake $8.25
Tyler: Double cheeseburger and fries $6.40
Guest Judge Leiani -  Burger, fries, Chocolate Malt   $8.59

Erin -  4 
Tyler -  4
Guest Judge Leiani - 4

Erin - 3  "Average, plain bun"
Tyler - 3
Guest Judge Leiani - 2 " better if toasted, got a little mushy by the end"

Patty Flavor and Juiciness
Erin -4    "thin but not overcooked, still flavorful"
Tyler - 3   "overcooked but still juicy"
Guest Judge Leiani - 3   "lost the flavor in the mayo and onion"

Beef to Bun Ratio
Erin -5  "Thin bun, this burger patty, great proportions"
Tyler - 4 "Thin meat, thin buns"
Guest Judge Leiani - 3  "I'd like more meat in my buns"

The Yummy Factor
Erin -4  "good topping mixture"

Tyler - 3 "little heavy on the mayo and lettuce, good relish"
Guest Judge Leiani -

Side Item

Erin - onion rings - 3 "little dry, possibly frozen type and not fresh. No fry sauce available."

Tyler - fries - 3  "nothing special"
Guest Judge Leiani -classic malt -  4  "thick and tasty"

Erin - 23
Tyler - 20
Guest Judge Leiani - 20

E-T grading score is a 21.5  
(we are hard graders I think. It really was good and I would go back!)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wedding Quilt for Breanna

 Breannas wedding was now 2 weeks ago!!! Times flys during a rainy June I guess.  Her colors for the special day were purple and gray. From the second she decided on this I began finding and hunting down purple fabrics to make her this quilt I had dreamed up in my head. I was excited to work with purple so excited in fact that I ended up with 10 different purples!
 There are 360 squares on the front made up of 10 different purple fabrics, solid gray and a lacey sparkle fabric. After cutting all the squares I paried each purple with a gray or a lace gray and than randomly pulled the pairings out of a brown paper bag to make the rows. I wanted the design to be as random as possble to get a scrappy effect.
I think the plan worked out well. The colors mixed throughout the pattern and the lace sparkle mixed in randomly added some interest to the non purple spaces.
 After much debate I decided to do a simple quilting design with diagnal crossing lines. I love the affect it gave the quilt almost as if dimond shapes were individual quilt blocks.

 This quilt is huge. We had to take fence pictures because it was way to big to hold up. So sorry no moutain in the background pics. :(
 I put the tag on the frong this go around.
 Think it worked nicely with this design.
For the back I did large stripes with one gray stripe down the middle with M+B=Heart on the side.
I applicaed the letters on. Which came out very nice with this light purple metalic fabric.
 Here is a look at the stripes. I really like the mix. made it a little  more fun than just one back fabric. I choose my two favorates. Bought them out of the lighter one. Had to keep some for my stash.
 And in the end 360 squares lived happily ever after!