Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Perfect Porch Chairs

My front porch is finally coming along. For as long as I can remember I have had a crush on these vintage style lawn chairs. All metal, shell backs, they kinda bounce when you sit in them. They make me feel like I should be at a family BBQ, eating a hot dog, or watching fireworks. Not really sure why, but that's the feeling they give me.

 Anyway, this crush started long before we built our home and I have always known that finding these beauties was going to cost me a pretty penny and there was a potential for them to just be old and rusty. I had spotted them for upwards of $100 each for new remade ones and for the old rusty type so imagine my surprise when I found these (likely reproductions) for just $40 each at the Funky Junk show! I bought them immediately within minutes of walking in to the show and I couldn't have been more excited about it. The pair don't match perfectly, one has flat arms, the other rounded and the seats are slightly different as well with one featuring wholes and the other just a little ditch for water to drain out.

I actually like the blue color the flat arm chair came in but the black I hated! Either way they both needed to be sanded stripped and repainted. I decided to go simple and just do white. However I strongly debated a two two with a dark red to match the front door.
This was my first time working with metal that needed to be sanded and painted with many coats. It was a little more work than I wished it was, but thanks to a perfect weather weekend I finished them in just two days. :) I spry primed and spray painted each chair with a high luster paint. The curved arms were a little tricky but in all I think they came out pretty nice.

When I bought them I wasn't sure what I would do about a little table in between and I am still not sure this is the answer, but it works for right now. Jason made this little wooden beauty in high school shop!
Here is a good side view of the chairs. I just adore the lines they have and did I mentioned that they bounce a little when u sit in them. :)
I had to break this out as a reminder of my little porch projects and progress...

This was taken in March....{Besides being bare look how tiny the plants are..}
and this was taken last weekend! So much more personality and it actually makes me excited to have visitors. (and the plants have gotten huge thanks to my husband and his fancy fertilizers}

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