Thursday, September 30, 2010

One Ugly Wedding

Now i must start this blog off by saying i stole these pictures from google, hence the blotched out faces and the marks that they were already posted on i am excited to share them with you. This is ONE UGLY WEDDING!!!! there are three main statements/ideas this bride strongly stuck to to make this one ugly wedding.

THE FIRST: "Everything is better with a poof" notice these dresses blow, notice the hair pieces, notice the flowers (arranged in a poof, notice the girl's weird sleeve. Its all a giant poof... THE SECOND: "Princesses wear tierras, i am the biggest princess, i get the biggest tierra..IN THE WORLD" This is the biggest/weirdest/ugliest/ tierra ever!!! i am not a teirra fan to begin with and this just makes it over the top. I am pretty sure that the teirra adds at least 6 inches to her height and is holding on a bunch of fake hair.....ugh!!!!
THE THIRD: "I want to look sexy at my reception" well, u look like a tramp!!! Tight outfit, sparkles, still wearing your tierra, what the hell is that arm band? Now i am sure this dress, in all its sparkling glory was not cheep, but really...what does it say about her? it says i was skanky until i met my husband...that's what it says....

So in closing, please do not make these three statements and plan your wedding around them.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Learn Somthing: Aug 19

Now that you have picked your big day, the date you will forever remember and expect gifts upon it is time to learn what other great things (and a few not so great) have happened on August 19 throughout history!

1848- The New York Herold reported the finding of GOLD in California

1883- CoCo Chanel was born

1909-First race held at on the Indianapolis track. It was the first brick track ever, with 3.2 million bricks layed down.

1917- Two managers, John McGraw and Christy Matthewson were arrested for breaking New York cities Blue Laws. There crime: having their teams play in a game on a Sunday.

1919-Afghanistan gained Independence from Britain

1934- Hitler took over all executive power in Germany

1960- Two dogs were launched into space by the Soviet Union.

1964- The First Beatles American Tour started.

1966- LeeAnn Wolmak was born

1967- All You Need Is Love, was the number one song in the country.

1969-Matthew Perry was born

1981- The final episode of Charlies Angles aired.

1986- Madonna's Papa Don't Preach was on top the billboard charts!

1993-Cheers Ended its 11 year run on NBC

1996- The Macarena was the number one song in the country.

2002- the number one song in the country was Dilemma by NELLY!!!

2004- Google began being traded on the stock market

2008- Lady GaGas album "the Fame" was released.

2009-The Number ONE song in the country was "I Gotta Feeling!"
one of my all time favorite clips ever!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

3 gifts i hope you dont get

i know wedding gifts are a long way off but i couldn't resist the temptation to write a short blog about 3 gifts i hope you don't get...
the first is a monkey cake topper...i think it speaks for itself on taste level but i like to picture your face if you actually had to open this and act like it was a good and appreciated gift..I couldn't do it. So so so tacky. I think it might have even been purchased at the dollar tree.
now this next item might just be the one item that you actually get. FUNDIES!!!! underwear for two people!!!! no sure why these were ever even invented. Like really!!! is there pants for two people? because there is not enough space in the FUNDIES to have sex. its almost like a weird trick. Its actually a disgusting trick. Most people dont even share blankets with their significant other, why would we (i am in that no blanket sharing category) ever share underwear??? so so so so weird!!!
Now the next gift would be from someone who is trying to reach your nature loving artsy side. There thoughts "Now trish likes nature, likes art, and is getting married...hummm what to get? OH i know..A PICTURE OF HER AND ALEX AS ADAM AND EVE!!" ok if one of your wedding guests really thinks this i might die laughing and have no advice for you on what to write in that thank you card!!! TO FUNNY! really where would you hang this? above your fireplace?

AHHHH happy Wednesday, start wishing that people follow your registry items and not my blog!!!! love u!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

my only request

I am honored, excited and so thrilled to be your bridesmaid!!! Your big day is going to be amazing!!! I cant wait and you are one of my friends i totally trust to pick out cute dresses! Which is also exciting for me, since i am a dress-a-holic...however...I would like to provide you with a short guide on what not to pick...

The suit/top hat/velvet gowns with fans.....these probably weigh a ton!!!! Velvet not a good fabric choice....
these neon fluff cupcake dresses with sashes and feathers in the hair....sashes, not cute, neon feather...not the best.

these half stripper half ballet get-ups... i don't think u want this look for your wedding day...its as far from classy/vintage/nature inspired as u can get.... the funny thing about this to me is that it looks like the girls are by an old chuch...who would wear that in a church!!!! Its like a halloween costume for a 21 year old....maybe they are left over...

on as much as these next ones make me laugh..please don't put me in it...the head pieces are over the top not to mention they make me want a creamsicle...
so in only request is that you please do not chose a neon, velvet tutu with a crazy feathered head dress all brought together by a sash....I hope its not to much to ask...... LOVE U!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Passed Out :(

who doesn't love a nap in a sunny park on a grassy knol? i sure do love a good sunny nap, and i am pretty sure you do too! However, i have a feeling this strange man sleeping on the side of the walking path in this park was not going for the sunny nap on a knol. It appears that instead he is passed out drunk from the night before...Now who is this man. I hope he is not any of the following three people.

1. the groom; who thought he was going out for a few drinks with his future father in law, but instead got insanely wasted, and to the father of the brides delight will not be showing up at the alter to marry his daughter.
2. the best man; now this would be a fitting story for a crazy best friend of a good classy groom who really wanted a perfect day. The problem is that the rings are in his pocket, but no one has remembered yet. I could see a best man passout for pre ceremony drinking happening...but hopefully its not him
3. the officiant...this one is self explanatory. I hope its not the officiant so they can get married still! But if it is the officiant it must be that he gets stage fright so he always takes a few shots before, but this time he was out of vodka and went straight for 151 that the maid of honor had in her leg flask. Bad idea.

Now most likely no one knows the passed out man in the park "napping" on the sunny knol, but the real question is why didnt someone try to move him, or even more of a question, why did someone take this picture!!!! so weird...anyway, happy Saturday! I am planning on getting some drinking done today, hopefully i wont pass out in a random park as someone is getting married. :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


During your wedding photo session you might want to take an extra look around to make sure there isn't a man in a chicken costume hiding in the background trying to steal the spotlight or even worse....getting ready to tackle you. Just a warning for this Thursday, watch out!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Light Up!

Light up! The wedding day is your big day, and as the bride you should be glowing with excitement, a smile, and be the center of the room at all times. So here are some ideas to help you sparkle and glow with joy!

Your dress.... This one gives the firefly effect! As in look at the firefly's trapped in that dress!

This next one gives the techno look to help bring the party to life....!

and lets not leave out dear Alex. if the bride gets to light up, the groom should too!

Nothing like celebrating your wedding with some light up action! Just remember a light up dress is never dull or boring!!!

love u!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shotgun Wedding

A shotgun wedding is a form of forced marriage in response to unplanned pregnancy.....since you will not be having one of those. I thought...why not throw people off and call it a shotgun wedding, but actually decorate with and have fun with guns! Just like these brides, grooms and wedding parties did!

have a little firing range at the reception....

or maybe just pose with some heat!
Gun instead of flowers! Cigarette instead of a smile...!
Nobody in this wedding party is going to get out of line....

You could also us this as your cake topper....

And i think you could get everything you need for your special day right here at this store!

Monday, September 13, 2010


I guess its a two blog day, i just saw some of these photos earlier today and have been thinking about them ever since. I love them!! I love them for more than just showing great wedding style, class, and glam....Jackie is such a style icon and she blows my think these were before she was first lady...The pics just make me smile...

this last one is my favorite!

VENUES: the forgotten locations

i know you are on a hunt for the perfect wedding i am here to highlight some locations that i am sure you haven't thought of yet. All are located somewhere in the puget sound region and i am sure would work, with a little creativity and planning!!!

Here it goes...

the first is the South Lake Union Trolley...its red, its cute, and who doesn't like a trolley right? well the fact that its called the SLUT by locals might throw you off, but look at these cute pics...

Now the bright red SLUT might not be the perfect fit for you, but it is energy efficient, and very unique!

another red option, would be a fire this bride and groom....

now i know you are actually into yellow, so what about this also moving a venue..its VINTAGE!!!

OK now some non moving locations people actually had weddings at....the first offers roll back rates....

the next...provides a place with an affordable dinner option for all your guests...

but please don't make the walk from the bathroom your aisle....(notice the guy didn't even stop cleaning the floors, he is right there next to Ronald's head, broom in hand)

now...i don't think you or Alex know how to scuba dive, but u could learn as apart of marriage counseling...

Many of the options thus far have provided little to non room for many guests, so before i finish i will provide you with this option....
safco field holds 47,116 so you wouldn't have to worry about your guest list. You could even have garlic fries for all your guests to enjoy during the ceremony...YUM!!! I would like mine with ranch...and maybe even the cool beer guy with the Dr. Seuss Hat!!!

Anyway, happy venue searching....i vote for the S.L.U.T. with a side of garlic fries...

Friday, September 10, 2010

the jumping photo...

Love it or hate it the jumping photo has become a must have "creative" shot that every photographer goes too...and every wedding party trys to recreate. This blog will not try to talk you in to doing a jumping photo, or try to talk you out of taking one, it will just provide some smiles on the subject....

first many people do you know that can actually jump? by jump i mean get day light under there feet, more than two inches of add in while dressed up in rented penguin or dressy cloths that someone else picked out? i am sure your list is getting smaller. i have some pretty athletic friends, and a few family members...but look at this picture below...either this is a photo shop masterpiece...or a bunch of college basketball players, tennis stars, soccer studs, and maybe a high jumper in the mix. i love the guy on the far right..i think he is a male cheerleader..or at least was, because thats one stellar star jump!!

now the next pic is more what i think the average group of grooms man could pull off. Given there is a trampoline around on the wedding day....

Not all good jumpers are athletic men, do not ignore your gifted girlfriends who may have some skills of there own....this group had some hops...however it looks as if they are jumping the hedge..and trying to escape maybe?

Sometimes bridesmaids and brides however dont think before jumping....please notice the girl in the far back holding her pee...and also this must have been the brides idea because she definitely jumped in first....

Now the perfect jumping shot is not easy to get....for example...

the guys went...girls left squatting....

2 guys went....1 guy three girls left squatting...

yay...girls went...2 boys very awkwardly, and the last guys in landing i think...

nest we got it...well almost..miss bride forgot to jump..and facial expressions are "WTF i am tired of jumping!"

o wait they tried one more..but all gave up...i do like the full squat by the first groomsman though...!

this wedding party also had a hard time getting everyone to jump at the same time...i like this one cause it actually looks more like they are a roller coaster...than a jumping bridal party...!

they also have this one... which is semi successful for such a large bridal i give the last wedding credit cause they are jumping out of sand which is harder to do...however this party just shouldn't have done the picture...pretty sure no bridesmaids wanted too... they just put there arms up and yelled "yahoooooo"

this bridal party does have my favorite squatting picture though....its funny to me cause it kinda looks like they are all about to pee in the woods....

some jumping pictures are just adorable..check out these....

the no one told me to jump. i am just so happy to be marring this pretty girl jump!!

this one is just adorable...totally looks like they are going to jump for joy down the road of life together...
and this one is my absolute favorite....!!! the groom jumping is just more cute than the whole party because when the whole party jumps good chance you will get one person who does the fake bending his(in this example) knees and putting his arms up..check him out on the end...! (is it just me or do the people on the ends do the funny stuff..careful who u put there) now this bride didn't want to she made everyone"hey guys, i am gonna look normal and cute, you all can look silly"

Now if you don't want to do the now traditional jumping pic...u could do this...


this last pic...i just came across it i couldn't resist... ;)