Thursday, September 9, 2010

Learn Something....Bouquet Toss

I have decided that i will also learn and share some knowledge to the wedding traditions randomly. It will help me keep this blog going daily for the next year or whenever you decide to get today i am starting with the bouquet toss!

Now you caught the bouquet at my wedding, and were engaged within six months after, and i caught the bouquet at Collette's Wedding (you don't know her, it was groomsman Jake's Sister) who had caught a bouquet before that....see the trend..i think we have some luck in our arms. So aim smart next summer!!!

Anyway..on to the tradition of the Bouquet toss!

The meaning of "Bouquet Toss" is that anything worn/carried by the bride was and is considered good luck. The bouquet was considered a sign of happiness. The Bride is supposed to pass on her happiness and luck to another single friend or family member. Another reason to throw the bouquet into the crowd by bride is to distract the crowd so that she could escape on to her honeymoon!

now here is a video of a bouquet toss fight...

and now one that will really make you laugh...

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