Tuesday, September 7, 2010

let's eat cake!!!

Wedding Cakes can be the showcase of a wedding reception! People love to incorporate their wedding theme, or personality into the wedding cakes, and than cut into them and smear them all over each others faces.....here are a few cakes....from actual weddings i would like to warn you about Miss Trish....

1..... the donut cake...however i am not sure if the donuts are tackier or the topper...the topper is awful so avoid that too (more to come about toppers in a future post)

2. Life Size Cake Of Yourself...look at this photo! Seriously!!! what was this bride thinking? who grows up thinking, "oh at my wedding i dream of a life size cake of me!" so so creepy and weird...do you really want your guest eating you? wonder what flavor she made herself...

3. Hostess Cake.. this cake is actually constructed nicely, but its a hostess art...and really looks more like a wedding that should happen at the quickly mart..not on your dream day!

4. PEEP.... the peep heads on the bride and groom put this cake over the top...not all people enjoy these marshmallow friends, but this bride and groom must of. i like to think there new last name was peep and someone made this as a joke...(also their peep wedding colors are not cute..)

5. balloons and tiers..every girl dreams of a Cinderella wedding right? well apparently this bride was confused and instead of ordering the stagecoach for herself, she ordered it for her cakes and had it made out of balloons...her tiered cakes that are perfectly arranged to even out the space in the stagecoach....so ugly...

6. Hunting Theme... u have to guess these cakes are veal flavored right? or maybe dirt...it would go great with the camo themed dresses from the last blog!

7. No Murder
.. please do not incorporate murdering the father of your future babies on your wedding cake...its just wrong..and who wants blood on their slice..? not me!

8. Skinny Dipping Cake...i do wonder what the story is behind this cake...its kinda cute really...but the bra on the step just doesn't make it wedding appropriate no one thinks you two have ever been naked together..so keep it that way and keep your cloths on if you are gonna feature yourself on the cake...

9. Hire Someone who can spell...this one speaks for itself...

10. TYE DYE..while i love your free spirit hippie style, and you can actually pull of tye dye...this cake with the butterfly's, the teddy bears....its ugly!!! i am guessing there bridesmaids wore neon tye dye! it would only make sense right?

well this concludes blog 2...wedding cakes...please choose wisely!

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