Saturday, September 18, 2010

Passed Out :(

who doesn't love a nap in a sunny park on a grassy knol? i sure do love a good sunny nap, and i am pretty sure you do too! However, i have a feeling this strange man sleeping on the side of the walking path in this park was not going for the sunny nap on a knol. It appears that instead he is passed out drunk from the night before...Now who is this man. I hope he is not any of the following three people.

1. the groom; who thought he was going out for a few drinks with his future father in law, but instead got insanely wasted, and to the father of the brides delight will not be showing up at the alter to marry his daughter.
2. the best man; now this would be a fitting story for a crazy best friend of a good classy groom who really wanted a perfect day. The problem is that the rings are in his pocket, but no one has remembered yet. I could see a best man passout for pre ceremony drinking happening...but hopefully its not him
3. the officiant...this one is self explanatory. I hope its not the officiant so they can get married still! But if it is the officiant it must be that he gets stage fright so he always takes a few shots before, but this time he was out of vodka and went straight for 151 that the maid of honor had in her leg flask. Bad idea.

Now most likely no one knows the passed out man in the park "napping" on the sunny knol, but the real question is why didnt someone try to move him, or even more of a question, why did someone take this picture!!!! so weird...anyway, happy Saturday! I am planning on getting some drinking done today, hopefully i wont pass out in a random park as someone is getting married. :)

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  1. hahahahahahaha....this is too funny...I could see one of alex's friends doing this...and I think i wouldn't even be would just crack me up :D