Thursday, September 30, 2010

One Ugly Wedding

Now i must start this blog off by saying i stole these pictures from google, hence the blotched out faces and the marks that they were already posted on i am excited to share them with you. This is ONE UGLY WEDDING!!!! there are three main statements/ideas this bride strongly stuck to to make this one ugly wedding.

THE FIRST: "Everything is better with a poof" notice these dresses blow, notice the hair pieces, notice the flowers (arranged in a poof, notice the girl's weird sleeve. Its all a giant poof... THE SECOND: "Princesses wear tierras, i am the biggest princess, i get the biggest tierra..IN THE WORLD" This is the biggest/weirdest/ugliest/ tierra ever!!! i am not a teirra fan to begin with and this just makes it over the top. I am pretty sure that the teirra adds at least 6 inches to her height and is holding on a bunch of fake hair.....ugh!!!!
THE THIRD: "I want to look sexy at my reception" well, u look like a tramp!!! Tight outfit, sparkles, still wearing your tierra, what the hell is that arm band? Now i am sure this dress, in all its sparkling glory was not cheep, but really...what does it say about her? it says i was skanky until i met my husband...that's what it says....

So in closing, please do not make these three statements and plan your wedding around them.

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  1. hahahah..I'm totally having a "sexy" dress for my reception!! groooosssss