Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 the year of _______________

Everywhere u look today there are list top things of 2010. People describing it as the year of bad baby names, the year of lady gaga, the year of phone apps, the year of the facebook revolution, the year of silly bandz, the year of low interest rates and so on. I think you get the idea. I was trying to think of one fill in the blank to decide my year and all i can come up with is the year of obsessions. So instead of one description like 2010 the year of marriage and buying a home, you are going to get a list of all the items i was obsessed with in 2010....enjoy

obsession #1 (or uno for my spanish readers)
bright green: it was the color of my wedding flowers, wedding invites, wristlits for my bridesmaids. Its a color that makes me smile. It has energy, it brings things to live, and basically its just frekin a cool color. Has it carried over much into this winter season? you ask? kinda, with bright green holiday accents on my walls and table cloths. It fulfilled its year as my color to be obsessed with.

obsession #2 (or deux for my french readers)
Etsy: I wish this obsession would have started sooner! It is defiantly in full swing right now and i don't see it going away. This website provided endless inspiration, ideas, dreams and of most importantly ways to spend my money! Love it! Its like the best ever craft fair full of stuff i really want, or want to laugh at.....coolest things i bought on etsy this year were personalized art for my sister and friend who had her second baby.

obsession #3 (or drei for my german readers)
Fiesta dishes: this obsession actually started long long ago, probably in the early 90s, my aunt has been collecting for years and i always loved setting the table for her due to the bright colors and combos you can come up with. So I had always dreamed for the day i would get my own fiesta dishes! So with getting married i did! and lets just say i got allot, and continue to do as. This is another obsession i do not see ending anytime soon.

obsession #4 (or vier for my dutch readers)
My poodle Lewie: first thing first he is not a dog he is a poodle. Jaiden even told her preschool teacher that last spring. His curly hair, fluffy ears, wagging tail and cuddly personality make him the perfect child, i mean poodle, for me and jason. Lew is some what spoiled, but what only child isn't? He loved to play with octi (a rubber octopus) watch the ducks (and sometimes chase them), greet vistors with a few barks, lick lotion off your hands, and eat puperoni. Oh did i just say puperoni, he is standing next to the pantry like he is gonna get one.

obsession #5 (or fimm for my icelandic readers)
my couches: they took me weeks to find and I must admit I think they look perfect in my new house. The gray material the sleek lines, the button and square option. How comfy they are to nap on, how easily stains can be removed, how fun they are to accent with colored pillows. How I have never seen anyone with couches like them! How they are as far from mocha colored as you can get (which I feel everyone has a mocha couch or at least latte) the only thing I dont love about them is the price..but oh well they are almost paid off! Gosh I love my two couches and chair! Love them so much I featured them on my Christmas card :)

obsession #6 (or Sei for my itailian readers)
cake balls: or maybe its entertaining people as a whole. Maybe its the fiesta dishes fault for me liking to make food and have people over. Either way cake balls come up on top. delish! In fact i made a batch to ring in the new year! Resolution for 2011: perfect the dipping of the cake ball!!

obsession #7 (or sete in brazilian portuguese)
gilly hicks: however i prefer to shop in store. They literally make the most comfortable undies EVER!!! a few time a year they have a sale, a kick butt sale to summarize it correctly where undies are a stead at only a dollar and some cents a pair! There sweats, jammies bras and booties also win awards. Especially since they now feature at D...can i get a hallelujah from the girls with boobies!

obsession #8 (or nine for my Canadian readers)
my droid phone: texting has never been better. Facebook always at my fingertips, an app for amazon shopping, angry birds, a you tube app, great navigation and yeah i could go one for a very long time about how much i love my droid phone. it is attached to me, i wont lie. It does wake me up in the morning, and is usually the last thing i look at before i go to sleep. Its a total full on obsession. Maybe the biggest of my year.

obsession #9 (or siyam for my fillipino readers)
filling my time writing this blog...

Monday, December 20, 2010

ugly sweater wedding

Ugly Christmas Sweater parties are one of the most popular party themes. Every is merry while enjoying the tackiness the theme brings, no need to match! No need to worry if you look fat...(cause u probably do in that over sized sweater) and well..its just a jolly good time!

So i purpose that you get married this Wednesday! and I will rush order the following:

Bridesmaid sweaters!

Groomsmen sweaters!

Wedding Cake!

A Bouquet of these! and your wedding dress:
(we will add a veil to the hat)
I can't wait till Wednesday!!! HO HO HO!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Odd Wedding Photo of fhe Week!

This might be my favorite wedding jumping shot ever!!!! It is almost as if he is a marionette with those droopy legs and straight arms. This photo is just proof that bad wedding photos can be found world wide....even on the great wall of China.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Run DMC was just the officiant at Nichole Richies wedding to front man Joel Madden this past weekend. They chose Rev. Run because they look up to him spiritually and he is a good friend. I wish the pictures were released so we could see what style of gold chain he wore for the ceremony. Nevertheless, it got me thinking...officiants fill a special roll in the ceremony. They can be a big deal to family, spreading a special message or really not matter to anyone and just feed you your lines. You do need one though, everyone does. Weddings don't run themselves so i think its time we discuss some options.

Now maybe 80-90's rappers who were also ordained ministers aren't you thing, well here is a list of other great options to look into:

This is the most obvious non-traditional pick. Common with gamblers and people who love to travel to the state of Nevada. Elvis would be extremely popular with the grandmas attending your wedding but any "sceenster" friends as you might call them may be turned away.

Captain Kirk:
Because who else would lead a wedding? of course the captain would! and the little Treky inside of you that's dying to come out would explode with excitement on this special addition to your wedding.

Army Chaplin:
Most weddings he does are last minute planning, so please don't ask him to be your officiant until you 1. have new orders to move. 2. have a baby on the way. or 3. fell in love. He only likes 2 weeks notice for these events and thinks to much time is wasted planning silly details. He already has your service chosen and it will be run fluently without fault.

Random Friend who goes online:
This is a great option for that one person you love, but just didn't have enough space to put them in the wedding party. they should be comfortable speak, funny, and responsible. They should also not be heavy drinkers at least until after the event. Last thing you need is some drunk friend up there cracking jokes during your vows.

Old Hippie Lady:She believes in LOVE! and has been marring people for decades. Your ceremony with her will embody the earth, the animals and all the powers associated with. You can opt out from the ceremonial smoking of hookah, but be forewarned, she wont like u as much if you do.
Judge Judy:
She will only marry you if she likes you and you pay her a big bunch of money. But she is a judge, so she can do it if you so wish.

Ship Captain:

Apparently ship captains can also marry people, so you could jump on the deadliest catch say your vows and....ta-da! you would be husband and wife! Good option? I think not, but Jim and Pam got married by a captain! so it can work for people!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Toast to Davids Bridal

Today on December 8th, I wasn't to raise my Starbucks cup to Davids Bridal. I want to thank them for providing so many brides with the exact same look, for a mediocre price and low quality. For convincing them that their look will be original and that there choice of bridesmaid dress styles all in the same fabric has never been seen before. For providing a $99 dress sale so all girls can wear three years ago top seller for a fraction of the price. Davids Bridal you are the box store that bring bargains and overdoes trends and for that we raise our cups to you.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Odd Wedding Photo of the Week

"She thinks my tractor's sexy, it really turns her on! She's always staring at me, as I'm chugging along" Those are lyrics from the first dance song of this bride. Her and her farmer hand husband, danced the night aways to a mix of tunes by Kenny, Keith, Trace, Tim(it got a little wild during Indian outlaw), Reba and who could forget The great Johnny Cash. The photographer snapped this shot prior to the wedding, as the bride got rid of her per-ceremony jitters with a camel cigarette.

toady's odd photo of the week was brought to you by classy blue collar America....

Monday, December 6, 2010


"CHEERS! To the Bride and Groom!" its said time and time again at wedding receptions. Toasts of happiness, memories and good wishes are shared with all who gathered for the special occasion. While the crowd may all have matching glass or plastic cups for the moment the bride and groom are expected to have something a little fancier to share the moment of interlocked arms and drinking together. Some see this item as a way to show off there personal style or keep within their wedding's below you will find a selection of toasting glasses and what theme/style they match with....

We start with the "Things Remembered" style wedding. Just short of being engraved these are traditional, cold and mass produced. but the bride would say, "the heart symbolizes our love, and the personalized option is perfect for us." lets just say this bride has, personalized napkins, candy, plates, signs, napkin rings, even her centerpieces say her new name on them...Mr. & Mrs. Smith...ahhh so unique....Next we have that..."wedding is our theme..duh?" bride...who just really loves the fact she is FINALLY the bride, and everything is bride and groom themed. Because in her mind she cant picture anything else.
Oh how i love the Disney obsessed. Micky and Minnie! together since 1929! such and example of love...but let me remind you Disney obsessed bride, Minnie is still dating Micky..never been happily ever after...can you imagine how much pressure Micky is feeling to go to Jared and get that diamond..yikes...

Next we have toasting flutes entitled "the sea of love" found on these are for the "I want everything in my wedding to be unique and one of a kind to my wedding" she loves the idea of a sea of love, because she found her fish in the sea. to be exact a dating site for those looking for love. (i actually don't know if that's a site...just sounds like it)

Next is for the bride with a wild side, well a self proclaimed wild side..the steering wheel cover to her civic matches these glasses perfectly. Her bridesmaids are wearing black dresses, all her flowers are pink and yes her groom was forced to wear a pink vest. Her flute will be filled with Southern Comfort, as will her grooms.

These next are for the organic bride who choose these because no toxins are in the glass, and the organic wood was from a naturally fallen tree that was the nursing log for a larger tree. Her dad made the cups during there 4 year engagement and they will forever be placed on display in her home with the memory of the organic apple wine they shared on there special day.

So some brides just like BLING! "BRING ON THE BLING" was this brides slogan with just about every detail of her wedding, so why leave the toasting cups out. and besides they look like pimp cups so her new hubby LOVES them... Her wedding dress featured more gems than all Cher's cloths put together, and really it all was because it matched her grooms new GRILL
Last but not least we have the bride and groom who have the fanciest website you have ever seen. They don't drink, in fact they toasted with coffee which is why they had these personalized mugs made just for there special day. This bride is high energy, smiles alot and her groom..well he is in a worship band needless to say there wedding was "rockin" as rockin can be with a coffee buzz...

CHEERS to you Trish..I wish you all the luck as you plan this element of your wedding. May it reflect your personal style and wedding theme perfectly as these others have.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

thankful (a non wedding blog)

many people are posting on facebook about how they are thankful for there family, home, health or even there little four legged friends. I am thankful for all those things, however this thanksgiving i want to focus on the other things in life that i am oh so grateful for but just don't get the thanks they here it goes...these are the things that really keep my world moving..

1. automatic bill pay - otherwise i would forget
2. 103.7 morning djs - they play local quiz games i like, talk a little, and when they do its only about important things.. morning DJs usually bug me. These ones dont and i am thankful for them!
3. my ducks - i love watching them grow up in our pond they make me smile alot!
4. the fireplace i can turn on! - its a life saver, i cant imagine chopping wood, jason never would...lets be honest
5. i love reviews
6. etsy!!!!!!!- not only for the shopping, but for the creative inspiration
7. old photos of my family- been collecting them and working with them. its amazing to see how far my family has come in the last 100 years
8. angry birds- the best time filling app ever!!
9. the blog stuff Christians like- it makes me laugh and keeps me inspired
10. work email- how else could i talk to my friends all day?
11. my dog lewie- i know he is in the category of things everyone is thankful for but really he makes me happy everyday, and he is sitting on a pile of blankets right now watching cute!
12. drive thru coffee stands- i went in my slippers today
intermission..the ducks are fighting....
13. cup holders in my car- for after visiting coffee stands
14. those mini shopping carts- so much easier to drive!
15. gilly hicks - for making the most comfy undies ever!
16. my kitchen aid mixer - it makes life easier
17. country music - its the story of my life i swear
18. our neighbor acorss the street who is like a neighboorhod watch program all on his own
19. puyallup fair food - i love it, as bad as that is
20. golf courses- i love the pretty grass

and well i could go on...but i will just keep it at that for now! happy thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Odd Wedding Photo of the Week

you probably thought i forgot about the blog with all this snow...but no! i didn't! A snow inspired wedding photo for you today. Would you have taken this photo? The groom looks way more into it! By the amount of of snow on the ground behind them, i am guessing it was a snow themed wedding, not a surprise snow...So would you stick your tongue out toward the sky for a wedding picture?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Odd Wedding Photo of the Week

First odd element: Mother of the Brides dress & hat...
Second odd element: Mother of the grooms dress and headpiece...
Third odd element: Combo of wanna be young mothers..who dressed them?
Fourth odd element: The conservative looking groom
Fifth odd element: The collar on the brides awful dress
Sixth odd element: The sleeves on the brides awful dress
Seventh odd element: The girl in the background on the left side looks like a stripper pre stripping...or maybe she is from a Janet Jackson video
Eighth odd element: The brides headband, or maybe hat..or cardboard thing....
Ninth odd element: Sleazy looking dad, however dressed formal and normal.
Tenth odd element: That they choose those outfits for the biggest day in that girls life...

(i did not even mention the poof on this girls dress....u know how i feel about makes my tummy hurt...why do girls want to look like barbie cakes with frosting dresses?)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Recent Rocks Being Rocked

Jessica Simpson is engaged again! The blondie we love for her shoes...and for making Nick available again is engaged to her boyfriend (ex nfl player) of four months who got divorced five months ago...congrats?
So what does four months of dating get you? A RUBY! apparently, sided by diamonds. She has said it represents there passion, and love...(non gonna lie..i like it) but there are rumors she bought it for herself....who cares in my mind...but some people do i guess.. her first ring.... speaking of Jessica's first ring. Nick is also recently engaged..announced one week before Jessica' long time girl friend Vanessa minnillo
Now on to....Chad Ochocinco..maybe u have heard of him..he is the flashy NFL star famous for the name change, and a whole lot of other outrages stunts including his own tv show...he just got engaged to a jersey chaser of sorts off basketball wives...10cts! i would say he stayed to his flashy ways!

The biggest engagement now...Kate Middleton's ring, Diana's old ring, which i get, William wanted to have a piece of his mom with them in the wedding process, but at the same time, her marriage didnt last... anyway here is the royal jewel!

You can buy your own version here....(something blue??)

hope you are enjoying rocking your ROCK!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Deep down i am obsessed with royalty. It fascinates me that you really can marry a prince and live happily ever after. Today the official announcement came for Kate Middleton, she is engaged to prince William. Of course, they actually got engaged a little over a month ago on a trip to Kenya, but have been doing the formalities of be royal since then, with queen approval (talk about intimidating in laws) and formal dinners to meet the family, and all those other things royals do..who really knows..Right? after all they are a real life fairy tale...

Anyway, here are some pics of the happy couple....

And now this Kate Girl! She seems to be very polished...stylish, and well i think a pretty girl...check out the photos...
I am of course obsessed with her great hats, and the fact that she will get the wedding of the century, however, she also seems like a sweet girl. Not to mention a brunette with light skin! It will be interesting to see what type of wedding she has, what styles/trends will emerge from it and what date they will choose. Rumor is that it will be spring or summer, possibly July at Windlesham Moor near Windsor Castle, where the queen was married, not where Diane was married.
Here are a couple other photos of this soon to be princess...Did you think she has a facebook?

here she is duck hunting...classy!

and here she is skiing!

I am sure i will blog on this again as details come out of there plans! i do wonder what there budget is.......

Friday, November 12, 2010

whos kissing who....

i love this picture..i might print it for my closet...its funny to think of different times in life and name the boys if i was her...u should do the same..might brighten your day...and make u laugh! love u!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

flower girls

here are two flower girls i bet could become availble for your big day if you need them... :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

dear vintage shopper....

this wedding's bridesmaids were all dressed via vintage stores..including shoes! hope it makes you smile!

PS..i want to be the bridesmaid in the cowboy boots!!

the HELLO YELLOW question....?

they call it Mellow Yellow...or sunshine! or banana...or daffodil...or bus...mustard...or happiness...i know you love it...but how much do you love it?..enough for your dress to be color of your day? You haven't dress shopped yet..and this could be a secret deep down inside you that you haven't shared yet...are you planning a yellow dress?

will the flow of your yellow gown makes for a sunny bride.....

or will u be the seducing yellow bride...with white bodice daffodil flowers cascading down the chest....
or a mustard and princess bride... hopefully not a squished boobs bride...yellow gems...or are you leaving your dress white and just filling the skirt with yellow petals....are you adding pink roses...showing love for our dear alpha xi?

or are you wearing a hat with your mellow yellow dress..this hat is so do i say it..umm interesting..? or horse race-ish?

of if your not wearing that hat? what about this hat? with a jump suit instead of a dress?
Are you going to use textures and fabric like never this dress where the under layer looks like potato bags..that say "thank you"...not sure why would need your wedding dress to say "thank you" maybe you can explain this to me if you get this dress...

This one is actually the most you i think...mix of techno colored top...than yellow tulle! all you need is a yellow vail...and u would be a techno colored pretty bride!

or are you ready to be a house wife and carry the kids on my shoulders bride like this dress with the apron and the odd head piece...

SO TRISH...are you planning a yellow dress?

and this one i think is just super cute. Winter wedding, So. the sweater!