Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Recent Rocks Being Rocked

Jessica Simpson is engaged again! The blondie we love for her shoes...and for making Nick available again is engaged to her boyfriend (ex nfl player) of four months who got divorced five months ago...congrats?
So what does four months of dating get you? A RUBY! apparently, sided by diamonds. She has said it represents there passion, and love...(non gonna lie..i like it) but there are rumors she bought it for herself....who cares in my mind...but some people do i guess.. her first ring.... speaking of Jessica's first ring. Nick is also recently engaged..announced one week before Jessica' long time girl friend Vanessa minnillo
Now on to....Chad Ochocinco..maybe u have heard of him..he is the flashy NFL star famous for the name change, and a whole lot of other outrages stunts including his own tv show...he just got engaged to a jersey chaser of sorts off basketball wives...10cts! i would say he stayed to his flashy ways!

The biggest engagement now...Kate Middleton's ring, Diana's old ring, which i get, William wanted to have a piece of his mom with them in the wedding process, but at the same time, her marriage didnt last... anyway here is the royal jewel!

You can buy your own version here....(something blue??)

hope you are enjoying rocking your ROCK!

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  1. I am enjoying rocking my rock ;) I hope you are too! I really like Jessica's ring..very pretty..I would never think to do a ruby but ruby's are very passionate seeming...very peculiar that her and nick are engaged within a week of eachother..are they trying to show eachother up? hmmmm