Thursday, November 25, 2010

thankful (a non wedding blog)

many people are posting on facebook about how they are thankful for there family, home, health or even there little four legged friends. I am thankful for all those things, however this thanksgiving i want to focus on the other things in life that i am oh so grateful for but just don't get the thanks they here it goes...these are the things that really keep my world moving..

1. automatic bill pay - otherwise i would forget
2. 103.7 morning djs - they play local quiz games i like, talk a little, and when they do its only about important things.. morning DJs usually bug me. These ones dont and i am thankful for them!
3. my ducks - i love watching them grow up in our pond they make me smile alot!
4. the fireplace i can turn on! - its a life saver, i cant imagine chopping wood, jason never would...lets be honest
5. i love reviews
6. etsy!!!!!!!- not only for the shopping, but for the creative inspiration
7. old photos of my family- been collecting them and working with them. its amazing to see how far my family has come in the last 100 years
8. angry birds- the best time filling app ever!!
9. the blog stuff Christians like- it makes me laugh and keeps me inspired
10. work email- how else could i talk to my friends all day?
11. my dog lewie- i know he is in the category of things everyone is thankful for but really he makes me happy everyday, and he is sitting on a pile of blankets right now watching cute!
12. drive thru coffee stands- i went in my slippers today
intermission..the ducks are fighting....
13. cup holders in my car- for after visiting coffee stands
14. those mini shopping carts- so much easier to drive!
15. gilly hicks - for making the most comfy undies ever!
16. my kitchen aid mixer - it makes life easier
17. country music - its the story of my life i swear
18. our neighbor acorss the street who is like a neighboorhod watch program all on his own
19. puyallup fair food - i love it, as bad as that is
20. golf courses- i love the pretty grass

and well i could go on...but i will just keep it at that for now! happy thanksgiving!

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