Monday, December 6, 2010


"CHEERS! To the Bride and Groom!" its said time and time again at wedding receptions. Toasts of happiness, memories and good wishes are shared with all who gathered for the special occasion. While the crowd may all have matching glass or plastic cups for the moment the bride and groom are expected to have something a little fancier to share the moment of interlocked arms and drinking together. Some see this item as a way to show off there personal style or keep within their wedding's below you will find a selection of toasting glasses and what theme/style they match with....

We start with the "Things Remembered" style wedding. Just short of being engraved these are traditional, cold and mass produced. but the bride would say, "the heart symbolizes our love, and the personalized option is perfect for us." lets just say this bride has, personalized napkins, candy, plates, signs, napkin rings, even her centerpieces say her new name on them...Mr. & Mrs. Smith...ahhh so unique....Next we have that..."wedding is our theme..duh?" bride...who just really loves the fact she is FINALLY the bride, and everything is bride and groom themed. Because in her mind she cant picture anything else.
Oh how i love the Disney obsessed. Micky and Minnie! together since 1929! such and example of love...but let me remind you Disney obsessed bride, Minnie is still dating Micky..never been happily ever after...can you imagine how much pressure Micky is feeling to go to Jared and get that diamond..yikes...

Next we have toasting flutes entitled "the sea of love" found on these are for the "I want everything in my wedding to be unique and one of a kind to my wedding" she loves the idea of a sea of love, because she found her fish in the sea. to be exact a dating site for those looking for love. (i actually don't know if that's a site...just sounds like it)

Next is for the bride with a wild side, well a self proclaimed wild side..the steering wheel cover to her civic matches these glasses perfectly. Her bridesmaids are wearing black dresses, all her flowers are pink and yes her groom was forced to wear a pink vest. Her flute will be filled with Southern Comfort, as will her grooms.

These next are for the organic bride who choose these because no toxins are in the glass, and the organic wood was from a naturally fallen tree that was the nursing log for a larger tree. Her dad made the cups during there 4 year engagement and they will forever be placed on display in her home with the memory of the organic apple wine they shared on there special day.

So some brides just like BLING! "BRING ON THE BLING" was this brides slogan with just about every detail of her wedding, so why leave the toasting cups out. and besides they look like pimp cups so her new hubby LOVES them... Her wedding dress featured more gems than all Cher's cloths put together, and really it all was because it matched her grooms new GRILL
Last but not least we have the bride and groom who have the fanciest website you have ever seen. They don't drink, in fact they toasted with coffee which is why they had these personalized mugs made just for there special day. This bride is high energy, smiles alot and her groom..well he is in a worship band needless to say there wedding was "rockin" as rockin can be with a coffee buzz...

CHEERS to you Trish..I wish you all the luck as you plan this element of your wedding. May it reflect your personal style and wedding theme perfectly as these others have.

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  1. hahahah I loved the fish at sea funny and themed. dating online spot turned theme..haha..this is wonderful. Love you.