Monday, December 13, 2010


Run DMC was just the officiant at Nichole Richies wedding to front man Joel Madden this past weekend. They chose Rev. Run because they look up to him spiritually and he is a good friend. I wish the pictures were released so we could see what style of gold chain he wore for the ceremony. Nevertheless, it got me thinking...officiants fill a special roll in the ceremony. They can be a big deal to family, spreading a special message or really not matter to anyone and just feed you your lines. You do need one though, everyone does. Weddings don't run themselves so i think its time we discuss some options.

Now maybe 80-90's rappers who were also ordained ministers aren't you thing, well here is a list of other great options to look into:

This is the most obvious non-traditional pick. Common with gamblers and people who love to travel to the state of Nevada. Elvis would be extremely popular with the grandmas attending your wedding but any "sceenster" friends as you might call them may be turned away.

Captain Kirk:
Because who else would lead a wedding? of course the captain would! and the little Treky inside of you that's dying to come out would explode with excitement on this special addition to your wedding.

Army Chaplin:
Most weddings he does are last minute planning, so please don't ask him to be your officiant until you 1. have new orders to move. 2. have a baby on the way. or 3. fell in love. He only likes 2 weeks notice for these events and thinks to much time is wasted planning silly details. He already has your service chosen and it will be run fluently without fault.

Random Friend who goes online:
This is a great option for that one person you love, but just didn't have enough space to put them in the wedding party. they should be comfortable speak, funny, and responsible. They should also not be heavy drinkers at least until after the event. Last thing you need is some drunk friend up there cracking jokes during your vows.

Old Hippie Lady:She believes in LOVE! and has been marring people for decades. Your ceremony with her will embody the earth, the animals and all the powers associated with. You can opt out from the ceremonial smoking of hookah, but be forewarned, she wont like u as much if you do.
Judge Judy:
She will only marry you if she likes you and you pay her a big bunch of money. But she is a judge, so she can do it if you so wish.

Ship Captain:

Apparently ship captains can also marry people, so you could jump on the deadliest catch say your vows and....ta-da! you would be husband and wife! Good option? I think not, but Jim and Pam got married by a captain! so it can work for people!

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  1. hahhahhahahahahhaha...alex would love the guy from the deadliest catch to marry I won't be giving him any ideas about that one! :)