Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 the year of _______________

Everywhere u look today there are list top things of 2010. People describing it as the year of bad baby names, the year of lady gaga, the year of phone apps, the year of the facebook revolution, the year of silly bandz, the year of low interest rates and so on. I think you get the idea. I was trying to think of one fill in the blank to decide my year and all i can come up with is the year of obsessions. So instead of one description like 2010 the year of marriage and buying a home, you are going to get a list of all the items i was obsessed with in 2010....enjoy

obsession #1 (or uno for my spanish readers)
bright green: it was the color of my wedding flowers, wedding invites, wristlits for my bridesmaids. Its a color that makes me smile. It has energy, it brings things to live, and basically its just frekin a cool color. Has it carried over much into this winter season? you ask? kinda, with bright green holiday accents on my walls and table cloths. It fulfilled its year as my color to be obsessed with.

obsession #2 (or deux for my french readers)
Etsy: I wish this obsession would have started sooner! It is defiantly in full swing right now and i don't see it going away. This website provided endless inspiration, ideas, dreams and of most importantly ways to spend my money! Love it! Its like the best ever craft fair full of stuff i really want, or want to laugh at.....coolest things i bought on etsy this year were personalized art for my sister and friend who had her second baby.

obsession #3 (or drei for my german readers)
Fiesta dishes: this obsession actually started long long ago, probably in the early 90s, my aunt has been collecting for years and i always loved setting the table for her due to the bright colors and combos you can come up with. So I had always dreamed for the day i would get my own fiesta dishes! So with getting married i did! and lets just say i got allot, and continue to do as. This is another obsession i do not see ending anytime soon.

obsession #4 (or vier for my dutch readers)
My poodle Lewie: first thing first he is not a dog he is a poodle. Jaiden even told her preschool teacher that last spring. His curly hair, fluffy ears, wagging tail and cuddly personality make him the perfect child, i mean poodle, for me and jason. Lew is some what spoiled, but what only child isn't? He loved to play with octi (a rubber octopus) watch the ducks (and sometimes chase them), greet vistors with a few barks, lick lotion off your hands, and eat puperoni. Oh did i just say puperoni, he is standing next to the pantry like he is gonna get one.

obsession #5 (or fimm for my icelandic readers)
my couches: they took me weeks to find and I must admit I think they look perfect in my new house. The gray material the sleek lines, the button and square option. How comfy they are to nap on, how easily stains can be removed, how fun they are to accent with colored pillows. How I have never seen anyone with couches like them! How they are as far from mocha colored as you can get (which I feel everyone has a mocha couch or at least latte) the only thing I dont love about them is the price..but oh well they are almost paid off! Gosh I love my two couches and chair! Love them so much I featured them on my Christmas card :)

obsession #6 (or Sei for my itailian readers)
cake balls: or maybe its entertaining people as a whole. Maybe its the fiesta dishes fault for me liking to make food and have people over. Either way cake balls come up on top. delish! In fact i made a batch to ring in the new year! Resolution for 2011: perfect the dipping of the cake ball!!

obsession #7 (or sete in brazilian portuguese)
gilly hicks: however i prefer to shop in store. They literally make the most comfortable undies EVER!!! a few time a year they have a sale, a kick butt sale to summarize it correctly where undies are a stead at only a dollar and some cents a pair! There sweats, jammies bras and booties also win awards. Especially since they now feature at D...can i get a hallelujah from the girls with boobies!

obsession #8 (or nine for my Canadian readers)
my droid phone: texting has never been better. Facebook always at my fingertips, an app for amazon shopping, angry birds, a you tube app, great navigation and yeah i could go one for a very long time about how much i love my droid phone. it is attached to me, i wont lie. It does wake me up in the morning, and is usually the last thing i look at before i go to sleep. Its a total full on obsession. Maybe the biggest of my year.

obsession #9 (or siyam for my fillipino readers)
filling my time writing this blog...

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  1. hahahaha..Oh my gosh i love personal tops are cake balls, etsy, and lew dog! :) I'm so glad you posted this! And I never recieved your christmas bizarre :/