Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the HELLO YELLOW question....?

they call it Mellow Yellow...or sunshine! or banana...or daffodil...or lemon...school bus...mustard...or happiness...i know you love it...but how much do you love it?..enough for your dress to be color of your day? You haven't dress shopped yet..and this could be a secret deep down inside you that you haven't shared yet...are you planning a yellow dress?

will the flow of your yellow gown makes for a sunny bride.....

or will u be the seducing yellow bride...with white bodice daffodil flowers cascading down the chest....
or a mustard and blue...garden princess bride... hopefully not a squished boobs bride...yellow gems...or are you leaving your dress white and just filling the skirt with yellow petals....are you adding pink roses...showing love for our dear alpha xi?

or are you wearing a hat with your mellow yellow dress..this hat is so .....how do i say it..umm interesting..? or horse race-ish?

of if your not wearing that hat? what about this hat? with a jump suit instead of a dress?
Are you going to use textures and fabric like never before...like this dress where the under layer looks like potato bags..that say "thank you"...not sure why would need your wedding dress to say "thank you" maybe you can explain this to me if you get this dress...

This one is actually the most you i think...mix of techno colored top...than yellow tulle! all you need is a yellow vail...and u would be a techno colored pretty bride!

or are you ready to be a house wife and carry the kids on my shoulders bride like this dress with the apron and the odd head piece...

SO TRISH...are you planning a yellow dress?

and this one i think is just super cute. Winter wedding, So. Cal....love the sweater!


  1. hahahahha...I don't love yellow that much!! But I do like the second dress if I had a reason to wear it :) Also...I love the petal idea but for a flower girl..if i had one :) hahaha..I love this blog!

  2. Dontenella PenningtonNovember 29, 2013 at 12:27 PM

    How much does all the dresses cost?