Thursday, November 18, 2010

Odd Wedding Photo of the Week

First odd element: Mother of the Brides dress & hat...
Second odd element: Mother of the grooms dress and headpiece...
Third odd element: Combo of wanna be young mothers..who dressed them?
Fourth odd element: The conservative looking groom
Fifth odd element: The collar on the brides awful dress
Sixth odd element: The sleeves on the brides awful dress
Seventh odd element: The girl in the background on the left side looks like a stripper pre stripping...or maybe she is from a Janet Jackson video
Eighth odd element: The brides headband, or maybe hat..or cardboard thing....
Ninth odd element: Sleazy looking dad, however dressed formal and normal.
Tenth odd element: That they choose those outfits for the biggest day in that girls life...

(i did not even mention the poof on this girls dress....u know how i feel about makes my tummy hurt...why do girls want to look like barbie cakes with frosting dresses?)


  1. ugh poof is not sexy. I totally agree. gross....we aren't princesses(unless your Kate Marry..but even then she shouldn't wear one) we are grown women! This is an awful picture..I think the thing that bugs me the most about this picture is the mom..I honestly don't think it's the mom either..(girl in red by the way) I think it's the dad's mistress..she looks nothing like the daughter!

  2. hahaha maybe it is a mistress...caption said family photo...but maybe thats there family...however the bride is SO fake who knows what she looks like...