Friday, July 6, 2012

Burger Tour Stop #1: Frisco Freeze

 Frisco Freeze the first stop on our burger tour of the 2012 summer! A Tacoma classic on Union Avenue located across the street from Mary Bridge Children's hospital. Frisco Freeze has been in business for over 65 years serving up these American classics to the people of the south sound.

First thing about Frisco that you need to know is there is no indoor seating so pick a sunny day to take your lunch to a park or plan on eating in your car. After-all this is a classic American drive in. No public restrooms but they do take debt though so that is a HUGE plus! However at 2.40 for a cheese burger you can probably pay with cash.

Ok Now on to the food. 

Burgers are ranked on appearance - does it look appetizing and fresh, the bun, quality, taste & type, the patty flavor and juiciness, the beef to bun ratio, and the yummy factor. The sixth rating is for whatever side item is ordered.  All items are ranked on a scale of 1 - 5 with 30 being the highest score a place can get.

What was ordered:
Erin: cheeseburger, onion rings and a small chocolate shake $8.25
Tyler: Double cheeseburger and fries $6.40
Guest Judge Leiani -  Burger, fries, Chocolate Malt   $8.59

Erin -  4 
Tyler -  4
Guest Judge Leiani - 4

Erin - 3  "Average, plain bun"
Tyler - 3
Guest Judge Leiani - 2 " better if toasted, got a little mushy by the end"

Patty Flavor and Juiciness
Erin -4    "thin but not overcooked, still flavorful"
Tyler - 3   "overcooked but still juicy"
Guest Judge Leiani - 3   "lost the flavor in the mayo and onion"

Beef to Bun Ratio
Erin -5  "Thin bun, this burger patty, great proportions"
Tyler - 4 "Thin meat, thin buns"
Guest Judge Leiani - 3  "I'd like more meat in my buns"

The Yummy Factor
Erin -4  "good topping mixture"

Tyler - 3 "little heavy on the mayo and lettuce, good relish"
Guest Judge Leiani -

Side Item

Erin - onion rings - 3 "little dry, possibly frozen type and not fresh. No fry sauce available."

Tyler - fries - 3  "nothing special"
Guest Judge Leiani -classic malt -  4  "thick and tasty"

Erin - 23
Tyler - 20
Guest Judge Leiani - 20

E-T grading score is a 21.5  
(we are hard graders I think. It really was good and I would go back!)

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