Thursday, April 15, 2010

the BIGGER dance

if you have ever lived in the seattle area you probably instantly know what this heading means and are if you were brave enough this year your wondering why in the heck they made the regions so hard. The bigger dance is a competition of 64 "hot girls" set up like the NCAA basketball big dance bracket. It is put on by the local sports radio and man is it hard this year!!!!

Currently i am two for two. I picked Katy Perry over Rabecca Stevenson and than Lucy Pinder(32G naturally..crazy) over Olivia Wilde. Some match ups are simple like the Katy Perry one others though are crazy hard. For example two past champs Jessica Beil & Jessica Alba will meet in the second round... In there same bracket is Carrie Underwood, Marisa Miller, Megan FDox, Scarlett Johanson, Elin, and oh just some girl named Beyonce you might have heard of...crazy hard to pick. Incase your new to this, people call in and vote for the winners in a small window of time. first round is 3 mins i beleieve...

anyway...4 times a day i get the lovely distraction of the contest..i spent about 50 times longer on my bracket for this than i did the ncaa tourny..but i won that so maybe i will have a lucky the way my champion is an upset from years past...but i think its her time to shine!!!

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