Friday, June 11, 2010

3 simple reasons i miss college.....

1. the bar in the afternoons that turn in to nights with $8 tabs at the end. Lots of memories made this way, no worries in the world except if the juke box is gonna acutlally play your song, and always friendly people around. Also, afternoon bar trips were jeans and tshirt days..nothing better than a afunny screen tee and a beer buzz to help u meet people!

2. having girls around!!! not just for the always needed laughs and pillow talks and rescuings...but always having someone in the living room to help you pick out an outfit!!!! i might miss this the most some days. I really need a group of girls telling me what to wear, i am so indesivie most mornings and my husband could care less which shoes i wear with those jeans...

3. It being ok to hang out with a large group of guys on a regular basis...may sound funny but its true i miss having large amount of guy friends to laugh with, go workout with, shop with(in a few cases) and drink with!

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