Friday, June 11, 2010

beer for girls

now there are only two things on my mind this Friday after noon..the first one is not gonna be talked about and the second is a cold beer (wish i could share a pitcher with you trishy)

here are my top 5 beers.....

1. apricot ale by pyramid ---great flavor, great taste, great buzz!
2. blue moon honey wheat ---introduced to me in college, only good on tap..but oh so good with a slice of orange!
3. Kokanee -- college favorite for my paydays, had to have a Canadian beer on the list!
4. Coors light --- blue mountains, cheep, great out of a can, always available
5. Ram's Blonde Ale --- yummmmm, only order it by the pitcher!

just shy of making the top five... busch light(for the memories), widmer, and classic blue moon...

its almost 5 o'clock!

coming favorite wines...!

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