Sunday, November 13, 2011

why i like babys being born

Ready to be gifted this quilt started with an attraction to some pretty cute fabric picked up on a whim with a certain baby in mind.
I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the six fabric choices I had made. I would like to decribe them as modernish-vintage- kid-but not to baby. Together they all look great and bottom line is I had to have that animal print!!

The fabric features a random collection of some pretty cool animals. Giraffes, lamas, camels, penguins, elephants and more. But of course I had to add one more.

A poodle! My favorite animal and quilting buddies.
Clark wasn't so sure why I wanted him to move. I kept getting the sweet little head tilt.

Making this quilt I wanted a little vintage feel, so I decided to quilt it by following the seems on either side creating a great boxed effect. I love the way the back looks too!

My new machine was a life saver! the Machine still needs a name, but the first time using the walking foot and I adored it. Made the stitching during the quilting stage so much easier. I now understand why the walking foot hype is so big in the blog world.

Lastly, the poodles were sad to see the quilt go, but it found a great home and is just waiting for baby Richardson to arrive some time around Christmas.

I must say, people having babys is the best for someone who likes to make quilts. So hints to all my friends who read this....make a baby so i can make more cute quilts!

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