Friday, November 18, 2011


This is blog 100! 
so I have decided to name 100 happy things!

So in no particular order 100 happy thoughts. :)
  1. my entire family
  2. special Google days
  3. the way my ugg boots keep my toes cozy
  4. sushi rolls with cream cheese and salmon
  5. curly poodle hair
  6. burts bees chapstick
  7. hot coco with marshmallows
  8. fresh snow
  9. betsey johnson jewelry on sale
  10. freshly brushed teeth always feel so good
  11. bobbi pins- they can be used for everything.
  12. highlighters - i like classic yellow
  13. pretty smelling lotion 
  14. that softballs are called optic yellow
  15. Krusty Pups! yum
  16. Maple scones - boarder days style
  17. lemonade on a hot day
  18. beer at the pyramid brewery 
  19. a banana that is still green
  20. jeopardy games with my husband
  21. Sunday naps
  22. Starbucks red cups
  23. first daffodils of spring
  24. parades
  25. E-A-S-T-E-R-N Eastern Eagles GO-FIGHT-WIN
  26. chocolate oranges at Christmas
  27. sparkling diamonds
  28. saving up for a big purchase and buying it
  29. airports - i like them for some reason
  30. - its my all time favorite
  31. new mascara
  32. baby name website that generate funny options
  33. sticky notes
  34. koosh balls
  35. red robin honey mustard
  36. running in to a friend unexpectedly that you actually want to see
  37. Dallas cowboys
  38. free things like coffee on your birthday
  39. parks and recreation - the show
  40. happy hours
  41. getting a dream catalog in the mail where the pictures are pretty but u will never buy anything
  42. a perfectly ripe pear 
  43. door chants on the first day of recruitment
  44. matching outfits 
  45. new shoes
  46. changing fall colors
  47. getting an A on a paper
  48. getting surprise crafts to decorate my desk with
  50. wine
  51. vintage furniture upcycled
  52. yankee candles
  53. FABRIC! 
  54. creating something that was once just a vision in my mind
  55. a yummy piece of pie
  56. a Sunday school class of laughing kids
  57. a good hair day
  58. a hot black dress
  59. the Sandlot
  60. Lew and Clark cuddled together
  61. babies in tutus
  62. a kid making their first hoop
  63. wordfued
  64. WRPA conferences
  65. a clean bill of health
  66. clam chowder
  67. watching seaguls eat fries
  68. nice hotel rooms
  69. lazy rainy day
  70. sleeping in front of the fire place with the Christmas tree on
  71. family meals
  72. a day on the lake
  73. mariners games on clear Seattle days
  74. a pretty manicure
  75. wedding vows
  76. bachlorette weekends
  77. driving around new neighborhoods looking at houses
  78. walks around deep lake
  79. poodle skirts
  80. championship tee shirts
  81. kids jumping rope double dutch
  82. camp sealth
  83. ferry rides
  84. getting take out
  85. Hurricane Ridge
  86. fresh flowers
  87. people who write emails complimenting staff
  88. winning dollar bets
  89. iced grande no room white mocha americono
  90. reaching a goal
  91. saving a dollar
  92. cheese samples at the grocery store
  93. compliments on curly hair
  94. seeing a play
  95. finishing a project
  96. having a clean house
  97. trying a new recipe with great success
  98. a perfect cheeseburger
  99. collecting inspiration - (hence my pinterest addiction)
  100. Keeping in touch with my most cherished friends
so happy 100! to me. That list really didn't take very long. Another quilt post coming soon. I am working on quilt 10 of the year!!!  Goal is 11! lots to do.

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