Friday, June 3, 2011

Bad Blogger

So i will admit it. I have been a bad blogger.

A really bad one, since I posted last alot has happened.

 I was in Natalie & Bobby's Wedding....

Went to WRPA where we the Eagles of Eastern won the battle on the beach

I started grad school (no picture is needed of me reading and writing papers)

I went to Vegas.. This is my fav pic from the trip...
I finished another baby quilt.(I cant figure out how to flip it normal)

Went to Boise, where i met! and he even sang I-76 for me.
I also went to see Guys and Dolls, been enjoying sunday school, have rescheduled to many games, made a killer sugar free rhubarb pie, and am kick grad schools booty...yep..but anyway..sorry I have been a bad blogger. I apologize

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