Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Projects are coming...

Projects are coming....I promise! I need some different screws and the husband is in charge of one of the last touches. This will be my first ever furniture refurbish and I must say I am pretty dang proud of it!

I have also been working on another amazing project..that will be featured here sometime soon for you to see how it all come together.

Here is a little something i am waiting on from an etsy order...personal quilt labels!!!

The problem with blogging is that sometimes life gets in the way and if you are gonna blog you have to have something to say, well lately I haven't had much. My mind is busy with recreation philosophys, facts on open space, and the benefits of parks. My Starbucks addiction has never been worse, and my husband is now in to it too despite him acknowledging that we cant afford two addicts. Anyway...my goal is to blog 6 times this month...i need to pick it up...so i am trying now!

By the way...
have you heard this song yet? I am in LOVE with it!

oh and the first pic on here is from the golf course in Grangeville Idaho...loved it!

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