Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trish's Wedding Quilt

I knew you needed a quilt as a wedding present...but well..I wasn't sure what design I wanted to do. Most traditional quilters give and make a wedding ring design for wedding gifts..well I wanted something a little more special...and a little more Trish. So I started the concept to have others in the wedding help me to create the perfect quilt to represent your special day. Here is the story of your wedding quilt...
The fabric for the squares I bought the floral print about a month after you got engaged Trish. Knew I had to use it for something for you. :) The other fabrics are mostly Micheal Miller and I think really have a cheery modern-retro look to them.
After I got all the fabric cut I began the fun part of matching up the squares. My living room carpet looks so bright and cheery as I did this! After they were all matched I sewed and trimmed each square.

One of the most unique and special elements of this quilt is that I asked each bridesmaid to make a square. I mailed them a few chunks of yellow fabric and the flower print and told them to be creative just have it represent Alex and Trish and their love/wedding ... here is what the girls came up with..
This one is Dana's..I love the little blossoms!
This one is from Kailie(not sure how to spell her name) two love birds kissing.
This one is by Ashley who also designed the wedding invites. This is the design on the invites!
This sprinkler of love was maid by Melissa.

Now after planning this quilt for so long. You would think i would have a grand idea for my square. I didn't. I knew I wanted wedding theme but was not sure what to here is my process

I think it came out pretty cute.. Anyway, so than I had to do the layout...
Then it got a boarder. I just love the way the yellow patterns warmed the quilt up.
 (Notice I have taught lewie he can't lay on quilts while I am making them. He is pouting..)

Now every quilt needs a back. But who wants a boring back...
I used scrapes to outline the hearts:)

After the back was done it was time to make a sandwich...a quilt sandwich..

I taped the bottom layer..aka the back to the carpet than placed the filling and the top in place and started pinning....

After all the pins were in I began to quilt it together. Due to the personalized squares I decided to do hearts randomly on the quilt.

To do the hearts I made a cardboard stencil and than used my handy dandy disappearing ink pen to sketch a few on at a time. Than just followed the pattern.

After all the hearts were on...and I bound the quilt with white..I put on my quilt label which luckily came in the mail just in time!

Love the label!

Now here is the finished quilt!


And all wrapped up for Mrs. Jones to open :)

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