Tuesday, August 9, 2011

End Table-tastic!

I have been living without end tables now for quite a long time and for a while now I have been waiting for just the right set of old ones I could refinish exactly the way I wanted to. Well....I found them!!! for $20 for the both of them I got two of these beauties at an Enumclaw garage sale....

Yeah they are pretty aren't they!!! Well they didn't exactly fit in my car. The legs are built in to the side walls and drawer construction. (very stable built pieces) So I had to barrow a neighbor of the garage sales truck to get them home. Good thing I was in Enumclaw and I knew the neighbors!

So to start the transformation I had to get the thick stain glossy brown finish off the tables...so i sanded...

I sanded the tops with the palm sander and the rest by hand. Lots of sanding.

You can see in this next picture how pretty the wood was under that ugly dark stain.

Getting the edges were a little more tricky than the tops with the curves and details in the wood.


There we are! All three sanded! Next step was a sealing primer. I used a sealing primer because I didn't get all the stain off the wood on the sides and the legs and i wanted to make sure it did not come through.


There we are. All primed. This last picture above of the drawer is with two coats of primer. I did two primer coats on the entire thing. Next up I started painting, my color choice. Snowflake!!

I painted..waited for layers to dry


And I painted again. The top got two more thick coats as did the front of the drawer.


See now doesn't it look SOOOO much better! Almost there! Next up I decided to add some silver glaze to the details. In the groves of the legs, drawer and lip of the top I added a silver glaze.

I know its kind of hard to see in pictures. I made my own glaze by adding water to a metallic acrylic paint I had in my craft supplies. It was way cheaper than buying an expensive glaze in the hardware store. Now after this step dried I sprayed clear protective layers over the furniture. Than..after they tried i put on my adorable new knobs!

Two knobs on each!!!

I just ADORE these knobs! I got them at Home Depot for $3.97 each. They are actually plastic!


One more time...

Not to bad for my first refurbish project! :)

next project...the large wall above the couch!

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! THESE END TABLES ARE AMAZING!!!!! I LOVE HOW THEY TURNED OUT!! They look very vintage too :D Love love love it!!!!!!! Can't wait to see your next project!!!