Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Meet Clark

Clark was found at the Tacoma Pierce Country Humane Society yesterday online via a coworker who was just looking around. Jason and I have been randomly talking about getting another dog for sometime now and just figured if one came up we would give it a home. Well one came up.

 Clark was a stray. Had been at the shelter for 10 days already and was in need of a loving home. He is a purebred poodle approx 4, and the exact same size as Lewie. When I first saw the picture I couldn't help but think he looked like Lewie's long lost brother. I didn't hesitate to call the shelter or Jason. Got the ok's from both and went on my way with my filled out application to see if Clark would be a great fit for our family. Turn out he was!
Instantly warming up to me and wanting cuddles the little guy just couldn't be left in the shelter any longer! So he got to come home. Great in the car, we went to petco and he got his own leash and collar. He will be wearing teal from now on since Lewie loves to wear blue.

We did the recommended introduction on natural territory out in the back field. There was never any growls, barks or hesitations on Lewie's part or either dogs part for that matter. Which, to be honest shocked me. After a while of hanging out in the back yard both dogs came in the house, and since than there have been no problems. It seems Lewie is welcoming Clark to the family perfectly.

 So far Clark is quieter than Lewie. He is more calm, and he doesn't like noisy toys. He loves to be close to people, and is so good on a leash! It seems too that he is house broken. He goes right away when we have gone on walks.  He does however need a real poodle hair cut. His top hair is out of control. He was fixed at the shelter so we have to wait for the wound from that to heal before he can go get his hair do. When that happens I am sure they will look like twins. :) I just couldn't be happier with how the adjustment is going.

Let the Adventures of Lewie and Clark begin....

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