Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Creative Eats

So much money at every wedding is spent on food!!! I think most of my friends who have planned or are planning their wedding would agree that feeding all their guests is a stress they could do without. Sometimes budgets are expanded just because of the dinner element to the celebration. Everyone wants their guests to be happy with what they are served and satisfied but also they don't want to do what everyone else has done. Anyway, here is a list i have complied of creative ways to cater your wedding.. :)
1. Taco Time is my favorite fast food, so this won't surprise many of you but if u get married on a Tuesday in Enumclaw or Bonny Lake you can get 2 for $1 tacos. Which are yummy and come in chicken or beef. Order the biggest side of chips and salsa ever and u have a fiesta for cheep!!! Oh you don't want to get married on a Tuesday, well i bet you could still get a bunch of soft tacos for cheaper than that cater is quoting you.

2. So you met your sweetie in college and are planning your big day. What a better way to show everyone where your loved blossomed than with your reception. Your already planning a keg or two, so your on the right path there (don't forget red cups) your next step is to share a meal of the foods you enjoyed in college. So maybe some top ramen, stove top stuffing, Tony's pizza, banquet dinners, and some easy mac!! You should also have the red bull car show up just to help pull off the theme.  If you wanted to take it to the next level you could get zips fries with fry sauce and Rosa's cheesy bread with ranch. yummm

3. "Share the happy couples happiness with this happy meal" that's what I would write on the dinner cards where your guests could check a box for cheese burger or chicken nuggets.  You might also want to add options for ketchup and sweet and sour sauce. :)

4. The hot dog truck. There is one in Buckley and they are starting to show up in other places now too. You should hire them to drive up to your wedding site, and just put a sign, hot dogs on us!!! cheep, easy, and mess free. Plus your mom doesn't have to recruit any friends to help.  I would like mine with relish please!

This one is my favorite, I would have totally done this if i had thought of it sooner....
5. Do you frequent a teriayki joint? Do they know you by name? Is the establishment known for giving you way to much food for $7. Well you my friend have just hit the jackpot. With my calculations you could feed 3 people(at least) with one order of chicken teriakyi. I would recommend some pot stickers for every table, and a mix of chicken, veggie fried rice, and maybe Mongolian beef! So order ahead, have it ready, organize some kitchen helping elves, than put it in to nicer dishes and serve!!! who doesn't love take out?

So did I inspire you to change your wedding menu? Nope? Dang...maybe i inspired your next dinner instead. I could really go for some stove top, its been forever.

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  1. hahahahhaha..this is wonderful...I would totally do the college food theme ;) and have it delivered for good times sake ;) hehe