Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quilting ... Chapter 2

After i made my huge, large, wonderful, memory filled alpha Xi Delta tee shirt quilt i ordered 2 charm packs of Central Park fabric my moda. Not really knowing what i was gonna do with them i waited patentently for them to arrive.

Than they came in the mail 84 5x5 adorable printed squares. So my mind starting thinking, what could i make? What is in my skill level..this is only quilt #2, so i designed this...

Oooo theres Lewie too, (he likes quilting)i sewed the whole top together and than realized i couldnt get any yardage of the fabric for another little bit since it was still a brand new line. So the top got folded and put aside for a later date...

And than quilt #3 was started. or should i called quilt 2.5 since half of the central park quilt was done? Not sure but anyway, quilt #3 was an idea Alicia one of my dearest best friends had. She said she would buy the fabric if I made a personalized quilt for little Faith, No problem I thought I have been eyeing about a million tutorials. So her and i went shopping for flannel baby fabric..and what did we find? LOTS OF PINK!!! and anyway here it is. 
back heart!

My first attempt at personalizing and applica

Overall I was very happy with the flannel baby quilt. Adding the name working with flannal and the satin binding were new and i think it came out pretty dang cute! So quilt 2.5 was finished and given away to cute little faithy who apparentlly loves the quilt! so...what ever happen to that central park fabric i had made a quilt top with? Well i finally got ahold of some yardage and it became this!I am in LOVE with this quilt. Its my favorite so far. I quilted it by drawing slanted lines with a disapearing fabric marker and than sewing along them. I must say I debated the back fabric alot but I am glad I went with the floral!

So you have now seen my first three quilts from this addiction I have. I must admit I have 4 unfinished projects sitting in my spare room because my machine is in the shop. So I will post more as soon as i get sewing!

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