Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bad Taste In My Mouth

I think I am a happy person.

I like to make the most of the day, and try not to be the grump in the world even if part of my day is going badly or something odd is happening. That being said, a perfectly happy day can suddenly go sour when u get that weird eerie feeling inside. Kind of bone chilling, irritating, the kind of feeling that makes u want to do one of three things..

1. slap someone

2. go back to bed

3. scream and than have a drink/eat something greasy

or maybe u want to do all three because of the feeling..that's understandable too. slap someone, scream order fries and a beer..than go to bed...perfect..

I have that feeling right now. I was having a great day, happy, sunny, slept in, had a coffee..good day..than suddenly turned sour..trying to make it sweet again..but dang its hard. Its weird how just the littlest thing said by someone, or that you hear about can do that to a perfectly good day. Maybe my skin isn't thick today, maybe I am being to sensivite..maybe..but really i don't think that's it..i think its just me and that feeling is here because its supposed to be..and will always come back at times like today..

Anyway...that's that....just needed to vent i think. Do you ever feel that way suddenly in the middle of a perfectly good day?

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  1. YES!!! I totally have!! and then I think to myself...why is this happening??Why am I sour?? This day was supposed to be going perfectly smoothly..when something like this happens sometimes I daydream about saying exactly what I want to that person or possibly kicking them in their soft spot..and sometimes I respond with chocolate..chocolate and wine..yes..that's the perfect solution ;D