Friday, March 18, 2011

Quilting...part 1

So I have a new addiction in my life..I think it might even be beyond addiction and a full on obsesson..fabric..and with fabric comes..quilting...yes quilting..and no i am not a grandma, or Amish..or a stay at home mom or four kids. I am still Erin the adult sports coordinator who works two jobs for fun, with the recreation degree and a husband and a child...i mean poodle. Speaking of lewie, he has been enjoying this obsession too....Every time i lay one out, no matter the stage, he moves and lays right in the middle! (the one above is my now finished central park quilt)

Anyway, why quilting? i am still not really sure, but I think it has to do with the ability to create something with my hands from scratch. Every element of the quilt i get to decide on, from the fabric choices to the shapes, to the binding, to the backing to the actually quilting design. Love it. Also there are some pretty cool fabrics out there I never knew existed until recently.

Now first thing I should bring up is I am basically teaching myself via the blogging world. While I am good with shapes, colors, and design I am horrible with math and I have had only a small amount of time spent on a sewing machine growing up. I do not come from a long line of quilters, or anything like that. I believe my mom has made 2 that i know of in her life. Her sewing experience has been more on the clothing and decorating side of things. Anyway, needless to say as i go on my way with this addiction I am learning ALOT!!!

So how did this all start...about 2 years ago i told my mom i wanted to make a tee shirt out of all my sorority shirts... so we researched and together figured out how to do it. The quilt was about half way done with this happened... yep i got engaged. So not surprising, i was suddenly not interested in planning and making a quilt but instead planning my wedding..and on the side buying a finally this happened.. yay i am married...but the house wasnt done we still had this... and since i am the one with the good taste(dont tell jason i said that) i spent alot of time picking out everything...

which eventually we moved in and become this...

Than it needed decorated and we started to adjust to living in a new home as a little family ahhhh...

ok so how did this turn in to the quilt again...well one rainy weekend after eastern won the national championship...

I picked up my tshirt quilt and started it up again..i finished it in one sitting and well it was fun! So i ordered some fabric and started my central park quilt..and that's when I discovered the wonderful world of fabric that exists away from Joanns! Than one quilt just leads to another, and one blog leads to another full of here i am..below is my first quilt..the Alpha Xi Delta tee-shirt quilt!

I will admit..i took this quilt apart over 3 times at different stages to fix mistakes i didn't know i made. Its alot of work and if i had any advice for anyone wanting to make a quilt..I would say dont start with the tee-shirt! its harder than a normal one and HUGE!!!!

Anyway..thats how i got atticted to quilting..the first of many more quilting entries i am sure..

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  1. it's are addicted!! you wrote a blog about it! :)