Tuesday, March 8, 2011

sk8 park wedding

Shes loves her the sk8er boy...or should i say BMXer boy...I think Avril LeVigne would be proud of this green converse wearing brunette bride. Married at the sk8 park. (i write sk8 instead of skate because it makes me looker more punk) Her husbands favorite place on earth..ahhh how romantic...check out these photos ...
lets start on the romantic sitting pose on top of a minor vert ramp. They are gazing off in the distance, like its a pretty sunset off the California coast...but in reality we all know its probably some group of teens smoking or a cop questioning a kid with a spray paint can in his hand. (by the way, this photographer did a great job erasing the graffiti in photoshop)In this photo we get the front view of them gazing off into the sunset...love the placement of the bike..like its a pretty bouquet of flowers or a classic car...really its a crappy old black bike, even the rubber tires don't match...classy! (again, good job getting rid of the graffiti photographer, we all know no skate parks ramps look that clean)
Now for the group photo...glad they didn't forget this or the pile of crappy bikes...looks like a few members of the bridal party don't use sk8 park much (sorry that was mean)... the grooms men look pretty conservative from what i expected, but i really wish that pile of bikes was in front of those bridesmaids AWFUL mis matching dresses...even the tones of green are off.. ugly..yucky...i would like to point out the one groomsman with the sean white hair...so expected! love it!
off to live happily ever after they will ride on the little black bike...with a cardboard just married sign...how much do you want to bet that sign was made on the back of a busch light box..i can guarantee it. I also love the grooms look here..old jeans, the i dont get a crap facial expression...sitting on his bike like..."enough already, i need a smoke' I think the bride just got gum on her shoe..and is trying to fake that smile...

gotta love the sk8er/bmx wedding..bless there hearts..btw..do u think they paid the poser kids to get out of the park for their celebration...

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  1. hahhahahahahah...sk8 park wedding...ridiculous :D I love the bikes and ramp pose. Can't believe it :D funnyyyyy