Wednesday, September 14, 2011

grumpy side of the morning

Do you ever wake up start your day and just feel stranded in the grump funk. that was me this morning, Nothing could have made me in a better mood, not my poodles, not my husband, not even starbucks (realizing this I didnt stop and stuck to office coffee). I really dont have a reason to be such a grump, but i am..So i an effort to cheer myself up and get out of the grumpy side of the morning and on to the happy side of the morning I am going to make a list of  little things that make me smile....

1. my voicemail light not being on when i get in to work
2. string cheese
3. old houses that are kept up and charming
4. "down in the muddy muddy, children of the lord" part of the rise and shine song
6. conversations with little kids
7. playing tag
8. getting my hair washed at the salon
9. winning words with friends
10. driving a golf cart
11. key lime pie martini on a hot day
12. when people find poodle things for me
13. hearing songs by the Steve miller band in unexpected places like the grocery store
14. fabric with amazing prints
15. sunrise that makes my mountain look pink
16. ferry rides
17. curly hair compliments
18. my Pandora station
19.finishing projects
20. wine with friends i think i am coming out of my is a morning recipe that would also help u get out of a funk...yummm

It freezes great! and will make your tummy smile! I think i am gonna make a few tonight..yummm

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