Saturday, December 31, 2011


I started off 2011 with the goal to make more quilts. My goal was 11 in 2011. In the process of achieving this goal my addiction grew and I also made some pretty great gifts for the people I love most! As the year turned i was just finishing up my tee shirt quilt.

Uggg..did you see my naked living room behind me in those pics? I also did alot of diy project this year which have really brought that room together. Anyway, as I was finishing up the tee shirt quilt which I discovered the world of pre-cuts and moda. I instantly fell in love with a line of fabric called "central park" I orded two charm packs with no plan in mind and in the end created this last January.
(Lewie before he got his best friend Clark!)
Gosh I love that fabric!!!! After I finished up my central park quilt I helped out Alicia and made little Faith a snugglie flannel quilt with her name. This was a learned alot on this one with using the flannel and doing that applique. I kept a simple design and let the fabric be the adorable part. Its came out great and my favorite part was the back heart.
Its nice to see these quilts again. Its been a while since they were in my hands. After this quilt I decided to take the leap and follow a pattern. I did a simple disappearing 9 patch with some great happy fabric with cute birds on it for Alicia's Birthday.

With Alicia's quilt I also did a cute stripe boarder and quilted the entire thing which was a great effect for the blanket. After that quilt I followed another pattern I had been eyeing for my mother. This is called the lawn chair quilt and was made using moda jelly rolls. The patterned fabric is from the lovely line.
This quilt was the perfect lap size and really fun to make. After that quilt I started working on a gift for another little boy, but after struggling with the fabrics someone had picked out for it I ditched them and created a simple cozy quilt for this little lucas. I backed it with fleece which was great with the satin binding.
After that quilt I began work on a gift for Trish's wedding. This quilt took some planning. I asked all the bridesmaids to make a square and sent them fabric and squares in the mail and they sent them back to me. I had no clue what anyone would come up with but in the end it turned out pretty fabulous. I debated alot of fabrics and it took me a long time to pick out the ones I used but I couldn't be happier with this wedding gift.

Opp did you see it? That was the first of my quilt tags!!!! I designed them, pretty cute huh? A few days after making this quilt we added another baby to our family. Clark!!!! I found him in need of a good poodle loving home at the Tacoma Humane Society and we adore him!

I could probably talk about my poodles all day but instead I will keep with the sewing review. I whipped up this little gift for my mothers birthday! Its a very handy lunch/snack bag. Reusable and oh so cute! It was good to begin to develop some different skills.

After my mom's birthday I began to think about Christmas. I had orded this fabric in July and before the end of August started this quilt for Breanna's Christmas Present.

Simple Moda precut patter using a layer cake and the flurry line. I loved the brightness and cheeryness the fabric had. As fall went on I found less time to sew with grad school and shortly November came and I missed quilting a little, so i found some fabric and made this beauty of a little boys quilt which might be my favorite of the year.

I love the vintage looking animals and the way the quilting job came out. The quilt was a gift for Landon who was born the day after Christmas to my alpha xi delta and wrpa sister Parker. Also known as Amanda Richardson.
Finishing up that quilt in November I got started on the serious Christmas projects. The first a tree skirt for myself. I followed a few different tutorials and learned how to make these wonky stars! After that I looked at a few other tutorials and decided to make them in to pants for my tree.
After teaching myself to make these stars I discovered I could now just as easy make the more traditional quilt star. So I started work on a quilt that I think makes me a real quilter. Each block took a bit of time but I had an organized assembly line and since cutting the fabric is one of my favorite parts it was not a big deal to get over 200 squares cut. This gift was for my mother in law. The fabric couldn't have been more her.
The trim of the quilt and the strip on the back have words like "snow day" "Merry Christmas" "Deck the Halls" there are even little barns on it. So perfect for her and her home! That was my final completed quilt of the year but I did happen to start some others that I hope to finish this winter. So stay tuned for those. To finish up the Christmas sewing i also made a total 6 stalkings in one week. I had plans of more but finals got the best of me and i had to focus. This first stocking was for Jaiden.

Love that Micheal Miller fabric! I cant wait to use more of it next year for other projects. I also mad three of these for Alicia.

I also made these for Jason and I and our fireplace.
So in total I made and finished 11 quilts (I count the tree skirt because it was just as time consuming if not more) and a hand full of other sewing projects. I gave all but three away to others as gifts and greatly improved my skills.

2011 resolution met! What a great year!!!!

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