Tuesday, October 19, 2010


If you haven't noticed this month is PINK crazy for breast cancer awareness month. I personally feel the world has gone a little over the top with it for example....
However, i know its for a good cause and inspired an idea...PINK is fun, Pink is peppy, PINK makes people smile....you are fun, you are peppy, you make people simple, therefore you should GO PINK!!!! now i do not think you should wear a pink dress, or change your colors to pink, i just think you should keep the pink up top, as in HOT PINK HAIR!!! check out these brides, i know you will be inspired!!!!

This bride stayed classy.....but still PINK. She is my favorite! i could have posted her whole wedding..very vintage!

This Bride is Pixie Pink! and re did her mothers dress!
This one comes off a little Vegas vintage greasy PINK....
This one is a little hard core PINK!

This one....is not real..its from a photo shoot.... it makes me smile though...PINK in Paris

Tea length with PINK!!!
This one seems to be more of a natural PINK headed girl...no theme or tackiness around it....
and if you do GO PINK!!! look at the PINK haired favors i found you!!!!


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  1. hahahahhahahaha...oh gosh..pink hair!!!! Alex would love that!! :D