Thursday, October 14, 2010

the glass slipper

Somewhere deep in the childhood of little girls a link is made between love and shoes. It starts with that magic glass slipper brought by prince charming fitting perfectly, so perfectly that you get to spend the rest of your life living happily ever after! And as we get older we learn that shoes aren't really made of glass, and a man wont show up on your door step and be the perfect fit.....but shoes they can help us walk taller, be more confident, make us smile..and even may i say... fall in love? I have fallen in love many times....with shoes...and on the day you marry the man of your dreams, your prince charming, you want to be just as in love with the shoes as you are the man. You want your magical glass slippers, so you live happily ever after!

so...when thinking of your perfect glass slipper please do not pick any of the following!

clunky and white..these need to be hidden from sight!

While this could be your something blue...a keen sandal is not you...

ouch with the nails, hope your feet aren't to frail!

even if you do love kittens..and cats.. please don't wear these flats

bright may be out of sight but these ugly things are a fright!

this yellow is far from mellow!

made by Chanel, with glass on the heel, i sure hope that hair isn't real!

clear as can be, these stripper boots would not be very fancied!

and last but not least!!!!

CUTE CUTE CUTE..i couldn't resist showing these flats..i liked them...

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  1. hahahahah gosh I love you. Those flats are so adorable :D Where did you find them? Love