Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Learn Something: Cake Toppers

The cake topper has been a Western wedding tradition for so long one website quoted "that most of the details of when it originated are still shrouded in mystery." One story about the possible origins of cake topper tradition tells of a roman baker's daughter who asked her father to make a symbol of love that would be visible to the guests at her wedding celebration. According to the legend, her father made two figurines that "stood in the center of the cake and at the center of the wedding."

Whatever its origin, the cake topper appears to have been popular in the west by the 1890s, when it was used mainly in elaborate wedding celebrations. It wasn't until the 1920s that cake toppers became common. In 1927, Sears and Roebuck featured a page of cake toppers in the department store's mail-order catalog. Here are some photos of early cake toppers in America!

this first one is from early 20's
this next one is from the 40's or 50's. there are two pics of it. the first is the entire piece, the second is a close up of the figures. I like this one, it makes me smile...

the next is also from the 50's era, and must be for when a bride felt everyone needed to be included on the cake...
this next one is ugly, but old.

and last but not least, check out this one. I think its fake vintage, but its funny!

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  1. hahahha I want dancing cake toppers!!! perfect!! lol..